Help for those who cant find chanel 5171 black with white bows

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  1. #1 Sep 13, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2010

    Hi, i am in Australia and these Chanel 5171 BLACK WITH WHITE BOWS are sold out everywhere in this country! I have looked absolutely everywhere

    Today i have been on the phone to the USA. i called just about everyone who sells chanel sunglasses, and FINALLY I HAVE FOUND SOME!

    Nordstrom Downtown Seattle (#1)
    500 Pine Street
    Seattle, WA 98101
    (206) 628-2111
    They do not sell Chanel Sunglasses ONLINE nordstrom so you have to call the store
    This particular Nordstrom store ( the flagship main store ) are sending me a pair of chanel 5171 BLACK WITH WHITE BOWS!
    they are the only place that would send to me in Australia and accept normal visa credit card!
    I cannot wait to receive these! If you really really want these as much as i did then call them!
    and i forgot to mention THEY ARE CHEAPER THAN HERE IN AUSTRALIA
    yay yay yay yay yay

    I Hope this helps somebody!
  2. I found a pair at saks in mission viejo where everything was marked down starting from 20% off, including these chanel sunnies, as the store was closing down. This was 1.5 week ago.
  3. I need a pair as well. Do you have the email of the sa in nordstrom?
  4. Sorry i didnt get his email
    I just called the number
    If your calling from Australia
    00111 206 628-2111
    Ask to be transfered to the sunglass area and they do the transaction over the phone
  5. bought a pair today at sunglass hut..........

    they had:

    the large and small black sunnies w/white bows
    (the large ones are polarized)

    the brown sunnies w/brown bows
    the black sunnies w/black bows

    if anyone needs more info let me know
  6. ^ What do you mean by big and small? And polarised?! My white bows certainly aren't :sad:
  7. the ones i bought are 5171 and are polarized, it says it on the right side and it had a "P" sticker

    there were two different sizes in the black w/white bow

    i believe the smaller size is 5170 and the lenses on them were not polarized
  8. Interesting! I have 5171 black bows and white bows and neither are polarised. I wish they were though
  9. Saks has the 5171 black sunnies with white bows as well as the brown with brown bows. There shouldn't be a problem finding them :smile: