Help for this wallet...

  1. Hi guys, would you help me to locate this Gucci wallet? Your help is greatly appreciated... TIA.
    256930_FCI1G_8412_gucci jade.jpg
  2. This is one of the wallets that went in to the sale so if you want one you will have to be quick. If you call one store in the States/Asia/Europe any SA can do a search to see who has one left. The best of luck :biggrin:.
  3. Already called them, papertiger... the Gucci US store said the wallet is out of stock... :sad:
    I guess when they said OOS, means they are not going to replenish that stock anymore, right? Since it is on sales?
  4. that's true, but it might be reissued in a different colour. keep your fingers crossed and your hopes up :biggrin:
  5. I remember seeing this colour on sale now in the Sydney flagship store! But i'm not sure if that's the same style though.
  6. Thanks papertiger for the comforting words, but I'm a sucker of beautiful color. I'm in love with the jade color interior...
  7. Thanks for your help Guccissimania, but I'm only able to get it if the wallet is in US.
  8. I just bought this exact same wallet at the Gucci store in Beverly Hills on sale for $319! They had another one but shipped it out today to one of the outlet stores.