Help For The Tie Challenged!

  1. My BF is into ties the way I am into bags. (This is a good thing! LOL)

    While he has a good eye for bags and even enjoys shopping for them with me :yahoo: I am TOTALLY clueless when it comes to picking out ties! I can look at a tie and think "I like that", but to try to figure out what HE would like...yikes!

    I would really like to get him a killer tie, so I need some help! Especially since his father owned men's clothing stores, so my BF is very clothing savvy.

    The suits he wears the most often are a blue suit (I'm challenged with men's clothing, so that's the best I can do! LOL) and a charcoal-gray pinstripe.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Pretty please? :shrugs:

    Thanks much!
  2. What brands does he wear now? What kind of work does he do? It depends on the guy really. My fiance really likes Hermes and Burberry, with some others thrown in. Some men like Ferragamo but the animal ties can be too cute looking for some. Does he have some favorite ties that you could describe to us? Personally I don't think you could go wrong with a basic Hermes tie, but I suppose it would be a little over the top.
  3. Passerby: I am definitely going to check out that site! I could be confident that I would not buy him one he already has!

    Winternight: I haven't been able to take a real close look at his collection, so I am not sure of the range of designers. I was with him when he recently purchased a tie at Nordstrom, but missed which designer it was. He has commented on which designers he likes best for my hasn't mentioned who makes his favorite ties. I'm just going to have to ask!

    I'll try to post pics of ties similar to what he has now. But I would venture to say that he tends more towards the classics with the occasional fun tie thrown in.

    I do know he has to get extra-long. Don't know if that makes it more complicated.

    He is not working at the moment (awaiting a kidney transplant) but when he returns to work, it is in sales. But we have plenty of occasions for him to wear a tie in the meantime and I would like to get him something trulyu special.

    I've never had a man in my life before who was 'in' to clothes, so this is new territory for me! I want to get it right! :yes:
  4. I would get him a "fun" tie (by this I don't mean one of those ridiculous ugly ties that people give as gag gifts) ... like maybe one by Paul Smith? This way, it's something that he doesn't already have. Plus, he seems receptive to it already based on the fact that he already owns some fun ties.
  5. ^^^
    I hope everything with his operation goes well!

    Paul Smith is nice. I also like Thomas Pink's ties, but if you're not in a city where he has a store I don't know where you get them.

    Ties can be sort of hard. You could also get him a nice cashmere scarf, or something like that if its easier.
  6. Ties aren't that hard.
    Just visit a store like Thomas Pink, Bloomingdales, Nordstom's, Brooks Brothers, etc.

    The quality of these ties are good to excellent. Brands such as Hugo Boss, Ike Behar, Thomas Pink....make it pretty easy to find a good tie. Just start w/ a shirt....and then match the tie to the shirt. It's easy.

    Just avoid the all satin/flat surface ones. They will snag VERY easily. A snag drives me nuts.
  7. Go for something it's not likely he'll already have. Skinny ties are becoming more popular now; Dior does some good ones. Or if that's too dramatic, slightly narrow ones; Brioni is a pretty decent bet.
  8. I am REALLY appreciating everyone's suggestions! I'm ALMOST looking forward to going tie shopping! LOL

    I think I will also drag him out shopping soon.Sak's, Nordstrom, LV, etc. ..on the pretext of looking at bags with me..because I know we will end up looking at ties, too, and I can try to pin down his tastes a little better. I'd really like to impress him with my choice!
  9. I LOVE skinny ties ... but if he's not on the thin size, they can make him look wide....
  10. Hmmm...I know when it comes to clothes, I'm VERY particiular. You have to know me perfectly to buy me something. Ties are worse cause to me, my tie sets me apart and is something that really speaks about my attitude and style. That being said, if you're not so sure, you might want to shy away from it. Unless of course he's not super picky about the ties he wears.
    And again, this is just me...