Help for the Bbag color impaired! Ink and black-- too close?

  1. Boooooo for my home state for having NO authentic retailers in whose stores I can pet and admire bbags for hours! Since I have to go by digital pictures alone, I was wondering for those of you that have actually seen both Ink and Black (together especially) if they are so alike that to have one of both would be overkill. Since I OD'd on Classiques (is that really possible? The wallet and DH think so :shrugs:) I'm thinking now Box or Twiggy.

    As an FYI, I have black and cornflower in the First. I *lurve* Ink but wonder if I should go for something completely different, (maybe like Origan?) in the other styles. I want a good, day/shopping/errand running bag that still says "I am Balenciaga, I put all other bags to shame." :supacool:

    I found 2 pictures of Ink and Black together in the same frame. In one they look like twins color-wise, and in one they look different. Can anyone steer me in the right direction on this one?
  2. Black and Ink are two different colors. You can really see the difference in them. If you had both, people would be able to tell the difference. Ink has more of a purply coloring to it.
  3. TTucker, I have both in the City style. I initially got the City in Ink and Black and decided they were too close in color to keep both. I would never give up my ink so the black went back. I couldn't get the black out of my head though because a basic Black Bbag was a 'must have' for me but I decided to wait for black until now. The Ink could possibly pass for black in the evening, but when you are out in the light it is definitely it's own beautiful unique color (not black). So if you too really want a basic black Bbag then I think getting it in a different style would be a great way to go (a black Twiggy sounds nice). In the Bag Showcase subforum (Goldensx5 Assorted Bag Collection) I posted a pic where my black City is above the Ink City (the sapin is in between them) and it is in the bright daylight so you can see there is a big difference between the two colors there. :smile:
  4. ink is a mysterious color... black with purple and blue undertones that shift in different lights, very pretty color! I think maybe having a black first and an ink first might be too much, but having them in different colors would be OK I think...
  5. i think ink and ink are distinct enough to both be in one collection. i actually have a black and an ink twiggy. i took pictures of them together- maybe it helps a bit.
    i agree with what goldensx5 about the lighting and how it affects the ink. when there is any form of light, you can really see the blue purply tones of the ink.
    TwiggystPF.jpg grouptPF.jpg
  6. ^I agree with Golden. :smile:
    I also have both the ink and black cities, and they do tend to look very similar in dark lighting. However, come daylight, it is a different story. The ink takes on a lovely shade of bluish-purple and gives just the right amount of "pop" color-wise. I love both equally! :heart:
  7. okay, TTucker-girl, you're forcing me to expose the true extent of my addiction (lol!!!)...below are photos of my ink & black firsts :tender:...i think they're definitely different enough to have 1 of each!!!
  8. tucker, i think ink and black are different... both unique in their own way. that said... if funds is an issue and you love ink, then i say get it in another style besides the first (since you already have it in black).
  9. I just want to throw out that I have an origan box and the color is fabulous as a neutral!! :biggrin:
  10. (don't beat me up anyone) but I find black too boring. Ink is just the right indoors, purple in the sun, etc. I LOVE IT. I wouldn't be surprised that if you get an ink, you'll end up tossing your black.
  11. LOL, Aaallabama!!! I LOVE that I got to out those little ladies (and their addicted mama). That helps so much seeing them side by side. Thanks also for your pic *jennifer*! Those are gorgeous.

    Thanks everyone for their opinions! It really helps out. I think I'll go with the Ink because I :heart: that color so much and will probably always consider my collection incomplete without it!

    p.s. Golden, anytime you need someone to just sit and stare at your fabulous collection, you know who to call :girlsigh:
  12. Plus, get an ink now because they will run out, black is there every season! Barney's NY has a bunch of ink (Lilly said 20 Twiggy's in stock on Friday :wtf:) (212) 826 8900 - if you need a push! :yes:

    I wish you well,

  13. Oh, and Ground Shipping was only $12, 2 Day was only $18 : )

    I wish you well,

  14. yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i'm so happy i could help enable you too TT :yahoo:
  15. TTucker, Congrats on your decision! I'm so glad you decided to get the Ink (even with already having a black). You will love it for sure!! We'll be anxious to see your pics! [And thank you for your sweet (& funny) comment!] :flowers: