Help for stretched out shoes!~!

  1. Does anyone have any advice for a pair of shoes that are slightly stretched out? I have an excellent pair of shoes but the right shoe is a little too big now. Any solutions? I have heard I can mist it lightly with water then put a small heater (similar to a blow dryer) on it and it may shrink it back a little bit. Anyone ever heard of this or tried it? or have any other solutions? Thanks, I love these shoes and am not ready to give them up.
  2. I heard something similiar to that and I am sure it will shrink it a bit, as any shoe tends to shrinks after moisture gets to it and they dry with out the foot inside. That is also how some are stretched. However, if they are nice shoes I might be afraid to attempt this on my own. If you to try this yourself, be very carefull. I would ask a shoe cobler, this is their business, just like a good alteration shop for your clothes. Good luck!!
  3. I second that. If it's an expensive pair of shoes, I'd seek help from a cobbler before attempting any home remedies. =)