Help for Seller, please!!!

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  1. Hi, All:

    I had a buyer win my CLs this morning. He emailed yesterday to ask if I would ship to France, and if I would take Western Union. I responded that I would ship to France for $10 more, and that I only take Paypal. Long story short, he won, and I got this email:

    Please sorry for a little inconvinience, I've just tried to send you the paypal payment and it's wrotten that my account is suspended for verification, I hope you'll agree to get Western Union, I can pay tomorrow morning and you save paypal fees for you!!!I just need your Name and also the zip code with the state.

    So is Western Union ok, or is this a red flag? Will there be protection through Paypal that I wouldn't have with WU? I hesitate to send $600+ CLs overseas, anyway, and now this. I feel uneasy about it, but maybe because the only thing I've ever seen Western Union for is when people have to send a quick payment to a creditor or when someone needs money immediately, but has no bank account.

    Should I offer to do Google checkout or something? Help, please!
  2. I have heard of scams with westen union so I would not do it. I would not accept paypal either only international postal money order. Paypal does not confirm addresses in france so there is no seller protection.

  3. I don't see how there could be a scam with Western Union, since the person sending the funds has to give them to the representative in cash, and when you pick up the money, you show ID and get cash (my brother pays for my daughter's college books this way). If it were an IMO I would be worried, but I would think that Western Union is safe. Just my experience with Western Union...
  4. I heard of scams when SENDING with WU, never receiving....

    The only thing is there's no protection for the buyer. But if that's his choice, that's his choice.
  5. I would jump at a Western Union payment! Your buyer is the one taking all of the risk, not you. He pays for the shoes plus the fee to WU for the payment. You collect your money and ship his shoes. You've got his cash. How could he possibly scam you? As an added bonus, you don't have to pay PayPal fees! Yay you!
  6. Thanks, everyone! I appreciate your advice...
  7. Western Union is very safe to receive payments and you must be very lucky to have a buyer trusting you that much. the only time WU can be a scam is someone asking for more than your name and zip code (like full name and address, bank account, date of birth, social security#, anual income, times married, times divorced, health, LMAO :upsidedown: well you got my point
  8. I have used western union before to receive funds from relatives etc but seems like I read somehwere it can be paid for fraudently so I have never accepted it. I can always get postal money orders verified. I cant find the link right now but If others have used it and you feel comfortable go ahead .
  9. ^^^ That's what I was thinking, too, Italian! I can't find anything on the WU website saying that the funds can be transferred straight to my bank, so I guess when the buyer sends me confirmation, I'll go to the store and see if I can pick it up. I gave him my first and last name, city, state, zip, USA. Not address or any other personal info. If WU gives me the cash, the shoes will be on their way to France!

    P.S. - I'm pretty sure that I also heard that US postal money orders are being counterfeited too, so I was a little leary of asking him for an int'l postal MO.
  10. DON'T DO IT!!!!! If the buyer is for real, they'd be able to get their Paypal account straightened out. If his Paypal account is suspended in the first place-BIG RED FLAG WITH FLARES ON IT. You just tell him either pay via Paypal or forget it. No wire transfers, money orders, and certainly NO WESTERN UNION.
  11. ^^^ Thanks for the info. Other posters have said they would jump at a WU payment. I was worried at first, but after reading what was said earlier in the thread, I figured no problem. Why the red flags about WU???? (I am really curious...)
  12. If what I think is true, having limited knowledge of WU, when you go pick up the funds, you, of course have to produce your D.L., and proof of identification and I believe that WU can come back after you if it's a scam on the sender's end....also, I know that if you give him your banking info. to WU the money to your account....well I don't think I need to explain that.
    I would be very suspicious of any overseas buyer who cannot get their Paypal account verified/unsuspended. It takes only a couple of days for Paypal to verify, and there should be no reason for someone who is buying a $600.00 item not being able to get verified....
    But if you feel comfortable with the WU, then go ahead. I wouldn't do it at all. If it were my auction, I would tell the buyer to go ahead and get his Paypal account verified and then he can pay me via Paypal.
  13. I know they will have to check my DL when I pick it up, but I won't let them copy it or anything like that. Unless I get another email with some other twist to the transaction, I'm going to go and pick up cash. The buyer doesn't have any of my personal info, just name, city, state, zip, and he does have 100% positive, which makes me feel a little bit better. Thank you for the heads up though. I'm going to google it and see if I can find anything more about WU.
  14. Ok sounds good. Let us know how it works out!
  15. Western Union have a very strong system to avoid fraud, The only thing that they are working very hard right now and that they can't control is Inocent people sending money to unknown persons, that's why every time you send money to them they asked you if it's for an internet transaction and so. I think you are confusing the Checks and moneygram scams with it. When a bank cash a check that seems legit and are not completely familiar with it it can turn out to be fraudalent and the account holder is accounted for it. Western Union knows their own system and unless a very rare scam is coming out I'm pretty sure the OP won't have any issues with the transaction. (I once received $850 from Dubai and they only check my ID for verification purposes)