Help for really Dry/sensitive Skin!

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  1. #1 Jan 23, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2009
    Hi Ladies,

    I was wondering if you can help give me some advice tonight. Lately this winter weather has been giving me very dry/dehydrated skin. In the past couple months, I"ve tried SO many products and here's an update:

    Clinique - I found even the ultra mild soap cleanser to be drying
    Dramatically Different - I think the mineral oil caused some break outs.

    Chanel Sublimage, At first I loved it but then after a few days not hydrating enough for me and caused some redness.

    Prevage, WAY too drying and harsh

    Hope in a Jar, not hydrating enough.

    La Mer, too rich and the mineral oil caused break outs.
    La Mer lotion, not hydrating enough.

    Bobbi Brown, The jury is still out on this skincare line as I"m currently testing several products.

    Cosmedicine, I received a sample today and so far seem to like the ultra healing. But, who knows. I"ll report back my results in a couple more days.

    Do you see my problem ladies? Most skincare lines don't agree with my skin. Yikes!

    Suggestions? :smile:
  2. I hate clinique cleansers and toners but love their moisturisers. Could you try a different one of their moisturisers for break-out-prone skin?
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    That's a good suggestion. Thanks.

    Does anyone have a great clinique moisturizer? Comfort on call looks promising!
  4. Mary Kay Creamy cleanser and Creamy mositurizer!! I use all types of products from Dior, YSL and such all the way down to Avon. These are by far the most hydrating items, I've used to date.
  5. My skin is so ridiculously sensitive, if I rub my neck, it turns red.

    Every once in a while I treat myself to a facial and at the spa I was recommended the product Renew Overnight Dry by SkinCeuticals. It's for super dry and sensitive skin. I have found that it works very well for me. Hope that helps!
  6. if you're skin is sensitive, try products that are unscented. my dermatologist told me this and i have less irritation and dry skin from using these products. i have really dry skin! i normally use aveeno products.
  7. I've been going through alot with my skin lately--rashes, ultra dry, and ultra sensitive. My derm recommened I use Cetaphil to wash entire body and Cetaphil lotion to moisturize entire body. I've been using GlyMed Plus SPF 30 during the day over the Cetaphil lotion. This routine has been working ok for me. I'm still getting rashes and having sensitivity issues, but the dryness is now tolerable. I think the key is to not switch around between too many products and just use very mild cleansers and moisturizers. HTH!
  8. Thanks Ladies for the great suggestions!

    The SA at Sephora suggested Cosmedicine yesterday. I"m trying that product not and will report back results soon. Anyone try it?

    Also, I've tried Obagi (I think I noticed someone ask about it here) and had a reaction to that too. Yikes! I think I must have the most sensitive skin!:sad:
  9. my skin is verrrrry sensative...and Ive been using bar soap to wash my face, yes i know..not the best idea! For the past year I switched to Aveeno and my skin is still healthy! not to drying but def. cleanes my skin! I will also use St.Ives apricot scrub 2-3 times a week! To top it off, I think Cetephil body cream (comes in a big round tub for about 12$) is my facial moisturizer....It is super thick when u put it on, but if you let it sink in for about 8 mins, your skin will be AMAZING! It'll even give you that dewy fresh faced look after applying your foundation! I used Nivea on my face for 20 years but as I got older my body chemistry changed and it cause me to get milia on my face...I still use Nivea everywhere else though!
  10. I also have sensitive skin, and this winter it has been so dry. My usual moisturizer (Neutrogena) wasn't doing enough and my skin started to look dull. Like asamiramirez, I started using Clinique Moisture Surge. I wear it on top of my regular moisturizer and the combination of the two has kept my skin much more hydrated. If you are concerned about an allergic reaction, you might try asking for a sample of it that you can try out before purchasing.
  11. Thanks Ladies for all your wonderful advice. I"m actually going to look into several of your suggestions!

    The Comfort on Call they told me can be used over a moisturizer for a little "extra". But, after trying a sample of it today I decided against it.

    Are you all ready for some good news? After SO much trial and error these past several weeks from everything from Chanel to La Mer to Obagi and Clinique (plus everything else in between) I "think" I've FINALLY discovered a line that works beutifully for me!

    Listen to this:

    This morning I tried a sample of a moisturizer and I could have sworn that within the hour my skin was absolutely radiant and glowing. My family even noticed. Well, then we were out all day at the mall and of course I stopped in my local department store. It was there that a total stranger came up to me and asked what I"m using on my skin because it looked so radiant and healthy. Guess what it was?

    LAURA MERCIER Flawless Cream!

    I can't believe that my search for my HG moisturizer finally seems to have ended! Whew.

    I did purchase the entire line of products. Well, not really the entire line. hehe But, enough to keep me busy tonight trying them all.

    I'm trying the Oil Rich (The one step cleanser looked great but not for my dry skin) cleanser, The light water, and the flawless cream. Plus, I purchased the eye cream and serum. Of course, I had to add the concealer, corrector and tinted moisturizer.

    I also had someone come up to me at the counter when she saw what I was purchasing and she couldn't stop raving about the flawless cream. I think it's relatively a newer product for LM.

    If anyone has tried any of these LM products then I"d love to hear your input!

    Wish me luck tonight. I"ll definetely post my review for all.

    And thanks again ladies for all your kind advice!:idea: