Help for presents

  1. I've been looking for one-off stylish bags to get for my friends as x-mas pressies, but i'm having trouble finding something that i think will suit them, what do you guys thing of these?:-

    I want something like this.. but at a lower price! can anyone suggest somewhere (online) to get something similar?

    cheers! :yes:
  2. Wow, I just stumbled on this thread and wanted to say THANK YOU Lya for bringing this up... and THANK YOU PASSERBY for all of these great suggestions! What beautiful bags-- I have some friends that would really love these as gifts. :drool:

    Great finds-- thank you!:smile:
  3. Aldavis7, you're most welcome. Etsy rocks! :smile: Those sellers mentioned ship internationally; there are many other talented bag makers on Etsy who only ship within the US.

    The following ship overseas (I've bought card cases from babybugboutique and jennalou06 - highly recommended, and communication with them has been excellent):

    jennalou06's Etsy Shop - Whimsical Pink Peony Shoulder Bag

    BabyBugBoutique's Etsy Shop - Moxie Hip Flowers Tapestry Tote Purse Handbag

    bellaroo's Etsy Shop - SALE Bella Bag small in Whim-cicle
    jennalou06 whimsical pink peony shoulder bag.jpg BabyBugBoutique Moxie Hip Flowers Tapestry Tote.jpg bellaroo Bella Bag small in whim circle.jpg
  4. Sugarcane daphne retro floral clutch.jpg
  5. Lya, wherever you are :smile: thanks for starting this thread. Otherwise I'd not have stumbled upon this bag (it's sold but hopefully Lisa (Lalaland)will find more of the same fabric one day):

    lalaland's Etsy Shop - Funky Spumoni Bag II

    Just love that fabric!
    lalaland funky spumoni bag.jpg