Help for peeling nails!

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  1. Thank Heavens for this thread!!
    My nails are splitting and breaking... I've never had this before!

    Thanks for all the tips ladies!!
  2. Can someone please advise me on how to use Nailtiques treatment 2+?

    For some odd reason the instructions are very vague and say to just "reapply".

    Am I supposed to remove the treatment everyday and reapply a new coat? I have been doing that for a week, and using a non acetone remover but my nails are looking worse again! I know this is not a miracle cure and it won't work right away, but I'm getting a bit concerned.

    Should I be applying a new coat over an existing coat? Would the formula still reach my nails?

    Please help, I have no idea what I am supposed to do!
  3. This used to happen to me. I had to quit wearing polish for awhile and get my nails back to a healthy state. Now to prevent it, I apply olive oil to my nails after I remove polish. Then I leave them polish free overnight.
  4. Olive oil? That's a great tip!
    Also a great tip to avoid polish, I only wear polish now on nights out to cover the damage, then remove it again in the morning - must try olive oil after removing my polish! Thanks Again for the tip!
  5. I was told by the store clerk who helped me out on this that she uses this product and she applies it to her nails about every other coat on top of the other previously applied coat. Then after about a week, she removes it all and starts fresh. Her perfectly manicured nails were long, healthy and hard. A far cry from my own, which is why I am going to start on this product today.
  6. ^ Keep us updated on Nailtiques 2+!!
    I've looked through this thread and looked through makeupalley and I reallyy want to get Nailtiques. I don't know how I will be able to go without painting my nails though...
  7. Yeah...that's the problem. I hate my bare nails, but I am going to tough it out.
  8. Just ordered OPI nail envy so I have something to protect my nails when I do want to wear polish!
  9. If you have tried everything and nothing is working, look up acrygel on youtube. Using a soak off gel, acrylic powder and a uv lamp, you can get a beautiful result that will soak off with acetone remover. If you don't want to deal with the lamp you can get a similar result with a dip acrylic kit using a resin, acrylic powder and an activator. I would not expect the second method to give the completely smooth result you can get with SOG.
  10. I swear by the Nail Tek line

    Nail Tek Xtra helped repair my splitting nail and keep them from peeling

    I use Nail Tek Intensive Therapy for maintenance
  11. I've found that rarely filing my nails helps a lot. I always thought using a nail clipper was bad, but I do 95% of my upkeep now with a good quality one, and the peeling has completely stopped. I haven't been using any special products, so I am pretty sure it's all because I'm not filing.
  12. I'm hoping that this will also be the case for me, although instead of not filing, I've just bought a better file. I was using some cheap metal file I had lying around, and I was using it incorrectly (sawing back and forth). I just picked up an inexpensive extra fine file and we'll see if it helps with the peeling when my nails grow out a bit.

    I'm curious, with your clipper, does it have a straight-across head or is it a curved head? I was watching a YouTube video and the woman suggested only using the straight-across clippers because they don't cause inadvertant clip in the nail (if that makes sense).

    I'm also curious about this! Because after beginning to wear polish on a consistent basis for the past couple months, I noticed that they are cracking more often and they are doing this peeling thing where the layers separate. I wonder if this is what everyone is dealing with when they mention their "peeling" nails.
  13. Mine has a straight-across head, but I chose that only because I like mostly square or squoval nails. I hadn't heard it made a difference for any other reason. The little filing I do is just to smooth and round out the corners after clipping. I do still struggle with getting a nice shape, and I keep them fairly short as I'm afraid of breaking them. But then, I'm not an amazing nail expert like so many people here!
  14. Nailtiques 2+, OPI Nail envy, Nailtek has all made my nail peel.
    All the Nailtiques actually.

    Cutting my nails straight across has helped with the peeling...
    and filing vs cutting. Other than that.. my nail is still a bit weak

    I haven't done anything to my toes.. but they have gotten stronger. Which is great! because they use to break if I knocked it against the wall or something to that nature.
  15. I stopped taking my biotin and I see a huge difference. Time to start again...