Help for peeling nails!

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  1. My nails are generally pretty nice, but lately I've been wearing polish quite a bit and now the tips of my nails are peeling horribly. I file them down short, and once they grow out - the peeling starts again.

    I use hand cream and cuticle oil and cream religiously, and I never clip them - file only. When I wear polish, I use OPI Natural Nail basecoat, OPI or China Glaze polishes, and Seche Vite topcoat.

    Can anyone recommend a product that will strengthen and stop the peeling? Something clear or tinted I can use daily, that I could possibly also use as a basecoat? Or is there a better basecoat I should be using?

    Also, I just use cheap Target brand polish remover. Are there any polish removers that aren't as harsh? I assumed all were similar even though some say "moisturizing." Could I add some vitamin E oil or something directly into my polish remover bottle?

    Thanks, ladies!
  2. The absolute best nail hardner i'm come across is called Witch Craft. Its about $8 a bottle and your nails will become so hard they will almost hurt LOL! I know it wasn't available in the US before so i'm not sure now. You can always see if you can order it online or find a Canadian to do a cp for you! I swear by this stuff!
  3. interested in advice, b/c im suffering from the exact same problem.
  4. Why don't you switch to a base coat that is for peeling? I would recommend Creative's Toughen Up or even try OPI's Nail Envy or Nailtiques.
  5. I could use some advice too :shrugs:
  6. OPI makes a Nail Envy just for brittle, peeling nails.

    Or try prenatal vitamins! My nails are finally in great shape...
  7. biotin.

    My nails would grow long and then peel. Since I took this vitamin (available at any drugstore) they have grown long and haven't broken at all.

    There was this line through my ring finger that showed where it was suppose to peel off and it hasn't. (I cut the nail because I was paranoid) My nails are soooo strong!
  8. ^ Yep!

    I started taking a multi vitamin with Biotin (Adult GummiVites from Costco), plus I've been eating yogurt everyday to boost calcium, and my nails are much stronger now and don't peel. I used to have the thinnest, weakest nails EVER!
  9. This happened to me after I started wearing polish every day, so now I take a multi-vitamin (called Alive from Natural Grocers) and I use Nutra Nail (got it at Ulta) for peeling nails twice a day (you can put it on over polish) and my nails are much, much better. I also try to let me nails breathe without polish every so often for a day or so and while they are breathing I put on the Nutra Nail a few extra times to nourish my nails.

    Hope this helps!
  10. I used to have a problem with peeling, but think I have finally nipped it. I started using Seche Vite Rebuild for weak, thin nails. It really does seal the nails (seals the peeling area to the nail), other products claim to do this, but Rebuild is the first I've found to actually do it!. It hasn't been out very long and I got it from either Sally or Ulta (can't remember). At about the same time I switched polish remover to Zoya's 3 in 1 Formula. So I'm not sure which product is doing it, but I am going to continue using both as long as my nails don't peel. But maybe try the Rebuild first, it should be easier to find and is about $10.00. Good luck!
  11. I think I will try this too, gummi's mmm... couldn't hurt!
  12. Biotin is excellent also using a nail polish remover witout acetone and a

    products for peeling nails like the suggestions above..
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions, ladies! I do take a multivitamin but I will have to check into Biotin and the others mentioned.

    I picked up Sally Hansen Miracle Cure last night at Walgreen's - I have used it in the past. It says it is guaranteed to stop peeling nails, and can be used as a basecoat under polish - so I'm really hoping this solves my problem!
  14. Honestly, the only thing that helps me with this is regular manicures.
  15. I have this problem - it's because my nails are dry. I have made them a lot better with a base coat by Quimica