HELP for newbie-what has mademoiselle lock?

  1. Went to Short Hills yesterday to narrow down what I want as my 1st Chanel. Definitely want black and I love the classic styles.

    I love the mademoiselle lock but several months ago, I saw it on a classic flap (it had the chain with leather thru it).

    The sales associate at Chanel said she didn't know what bag I meant and that her store never had it. (I had seen it at Neiman's months ago and they no longer have it).

    She said the only bag with mademoiselle lock was a "distressed" leather bag and that a new 2.55 was coming out but I would have to be waitlisted as it would be limited. These bags do not have the regular chain with leather thru it.

    I love the mademoiselle lock. Is the distressed and new 2.55 the only 2 bags with it? I know I have seen pictures on TPF of the classic flap with mademoiselle lock and regular chain with leather thru it. It is not available anymore?

    HELP me understand! Thanks
  2. If you like flaps, the MM lock is on the reissues (or some called it 2.55), they come in distressed calfskin, also in metallic or patent.
    MM lock can also be seen on hybrid flaps in disressed caviar and the new chain (chain without the leather).
    There is also flap with the classic chain that comes in the MM lock (the one you first saw)
    So altogether, as far as I know, MM lock is on the above 3 kinds of flaps.

    Apart from flaps, MM lock can also be seen on the cerf tote.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Aha! Thank you! But does anyone know if the classic flap with mademoiselle lock is still available anywhere?
  4. I'm new to Chanel and I haven't seen any photos of the flap w/MM lock and the classic chain. Are there any photos on the forum? Does this version have a special name?
  5. I have the Black and the Brown in Medium. One I got at NM the other at Chanel. I just love them!!!

    Here is the Style# 07A-A35654Y04536 BLACK # 94305 $2395.

    I would call Chanel and NM have them do a search!

  6. chabich - does yours have the classic chain w/the leather? Can you post a photo?
  7. Yes it does. My daughter has my camera with her or I could post a pic. It has the MM lock, slightly distressed leather (super soft) pewter looking hardware with the leather thru the chain.... I'm sure it's the right one. I only know of these that had the MM lock and the chain with the leather.....
  8. Hmm.... yar I saw one in brown at Ngee Ann City Boutique Singapore, not sure if it is still there. But the condition of it does not look good, distressed maybe but I thought the chain in strap looks a bit worn. Maybe that is THE look, am not sure cos am no expert in this.:confused1:
  9. There is a black and a brown medium on eBay right now.

    Search#150203461011 for the black one. That should be the bag you are talking about. Sorry I post the link but I'm not great on the computer!!
  10. Chabich--Thanks for the info!!! Thank you thank you! Sometimes the sales associates just don't know enough or they don't want to be bothered.

    Thanks again! Congrats on having some fabulous bags!
  11. It a great classic bag with alittle edginess to it with the MM lock! Good Luck! Let us know if you find one! It also came in Jumbo size for $2695. I liked the Medium better, the chain seemed alittle small and short for the Jumbo....
  12. I also like the mademoiselle lock with classic chain, not the bijou or new chain. I have searched the reference thread many times using various key words like "mademoiselle lock" and "classic chain". Some of the pictures I'm coming up with are the ones in this thread.

    I was curious to know if this style still exists, and does it come in east/west style. What about price?
  13. ^ I thought this was referred to as a "hybrid" flap? Not 100% sure.. but try "hybrid" in your search. Also not sure if it comes in e/w.. lol sorry I'm not being that helpful.
  14. yes I recall seeing it referred to as "Hybrid" on TPF. I have not seen it in east/west size. The one I tried on at NM was a medium size. I would venture to guess it is hard to find. Looks just like a reissue but has the chain with leather thru it.