Help for new Chanel addict

  1. It all started with the Chanel classic pearl necklace followed by the medium caviar black classic flap, then my sister gave me one of her small shopping tote in black caviar, all within the last 6 months and now I'm hooked on Chanel.

    I'm thinking of getting either a black Cerf or the following from Luxury Shops.


    I already have a navy classic Tods tote and a brown Miu Miu tote. I prefer functional, understated bags (since I travel quite a lot), hence the black Cerf will be perfect. My concern is I already have 2 other black Chanel bags. I wear mostly black, grey and neutral colours for work, hence, I thought a more fun bag like the above would be nice.

    What do you girls think?
  2. I like it! What is this Luxury Shops?? I wasn't aware you could purchase authorized Chanel on the net. Someone please tell me is this true? I love some of the items they have. I'm in heaven!!!