Help for new bag!

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  1. I am really wanting a Roxie and am thinking of bidding on one of these:


    :confused1::love:So the plan would be to put up Annie for the summer and use one of these. Now, I would like to add, that I may be buying a well loved choco Roxie in a few weeks. (hopefully!!) Am I just being impatient or stupid?? I just got Jody and am loving the color. Maybe I am just getting got up in all the new purchases... Help ladies!!!!
  2. You have your heart set on the roxy then ?

    They both look good but the second bag looks a bit trashed? would it not bother you as it would me ( I don`t think you can remove water marks?)

    Didn`t you want a chocolate one ? or was it olive ?
  3. The second one is marked pretty bad. I am hoping to buy a choco one that has been well loved in a few weeks. So I am looking into pink, but I can so easily be persuaded! I like the springy look to the painted one, but am thinking it might not be age appropriate for me. Probably should just have myself commited and put in a straightjacket!!:nuts::nuts:
  4. Can we have a twin room :nuts:

    Kids are driving me mad today !!!

    Back to school tomorrow.......hurray !!

    Oh, I think the first bag is lovely and no you are not to old !!!
  5. JMHO, but I do think the first one looks pretty "young". I like the idea of pink, but chocolate (or oak, or black) would be more of a year-round bag (at least to me).

    Good luck with your decision! :smile:
  6. A twin room with nice padded walls and nice soothing music. Just as long as Jack Nicholson is not next door!!!! Remember that movie??? One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest? Well that cuckoo flew and landed on my head!!

    Well have to ponder a bit over that painted Roxanne, or maybe I should say tattooed!! lol
  7. I love the first one and had been watching it even before you posted on the rosemary vs roxanne thread. So I'm a potential obviously have exquisite taste :love:
  8. I love that film and I`m a big fan of Jack Nicholson, something about that smile of his....

    Another thought why don`t you get chaz to score the outlets for you...
  9. Yeah, I think I have come to my senses. I will wait for the grail of Roxanne, which is the chocolate at least to me. It's all this new bag buying that makes my head spin!!
  10. Kroquet - don't go for the watermarked one, it would drive you mad & it's still not cheap for a damaged bag.
    I like the funky one but think you might get fed up with it. I'd wait for the choc Roxy, that would be great for you. They had black Roxies at Shepton today & they were lovely.
    There was a mauve one at Shepton, bit of a weird colour.
    Hang on for the choc, I say.
  11. Will it be an uber faux pas if I as a newbie bid on the funky floral Roxy?
  12. You go girl!!!! I really do hope you get it and will post modeling pics!!!

    Besides, its all fair in love and bags!!!

    Waiting for chocolate anyway!!! Oh, how rude was I , did I not welcome you?? Sorry!!!!
  13. Chocolate Roxanne is well worth waiting for! Hope you don´t have to wait long though:smile:.
  14. Hold out for the chocolate, kroquet. Look at sarajane and her Mabel - if you don't get the colour you *really* want, you're always left wanting. Jody is absolutely perfect for the summer :tup:

    I think new bag fever is sweeping the forum at the moment - try to let it just wash over you :yes:
  15. Oooh, I love this!
    I can be held up as an example of what not to do!
    It'll be 'oh hon, I wouldn't do that if I were you, you don't want to do a Sarajane!'
    Kroquet, hold out for that choccy Roxy, it'll pop up soon enough I'm sure.