Help for my picky little eater- dry food


Sep 10, 2007
Help! My 15 month old cockapoo is THE pickiest eater when it comes to his dry dog food. In the mornings he gets a scoop of dry dog food, and at night he gets some kind of meat/veggie combination that I make myself each week. He always licks the plate clean at dinner time but in the morning he is so picky that its getting to be a problem.

When he was a baby he ate the dry food (Halo) that we have him without a problem. But after awhile he refused to eat it. We have tried Wellness, Merrick and three different flavors of Halo, most of which he liked at first but got tiredof after about two months. Every morning he sniffs the bowl like he's hungry, then walks away with a face like "ew, that again." ha!

I'm getting tired of buying expensive bags of dog food and having him be "over it" when they're only half gone!

Please help- has anyone found a dry dog food that their picky eater actually LOVED? Is there some alternative to dog food that I can give him in the mornings (I want to give him something hard each day so that his teeth stay strong) so that I can make sure he at least eats SOMETHING? And finally, does anyone know of a website that sells "sample" sized bags of dog food? So far I haven't found any brands that sell sample sizes of their products on their websites. Thanks for the help!


Jun 4, 2007
can you mix dry food with the soft food? maybe give him half and half each time he eats and mix it together


My baby, Bellis
Aug 8, 2006
My 2 eat Pro Plan wet mixed with a scoop of dry with water added. It took a while to figure out something they would eat consistantly. You can use any flavor wet food so it makes the dry seem more exciting. LOL

Mia Bella

Mar 27, 2008
^^ My first reaction was "mix it with water". For some reason dogs like their food mixed with water, it's almost like the meal went from fast food (dry) to a 4-star meal (w/ water).

My other reaction was to put out his food and if he doesn't eat it after an hour then put the food back in the bag. Wait a couple hours then try again. He'll eventually realize that YOU are the boss who picks his food and he'd better eat when he can or it's going bye bye. I had to do this with our pup because she would be so inconsistent w/ her eating habits. I put her lunch back and then at dinner time she tore it up!


May 9, 2006
OC, California
One of my pugs is a picky eater too. We put chopped up chicken breast in her food and she will eat everything right up. Also you can try pouring some chicken broth on the food and see if that will make it tempting enough to eat.


Mar 4, 2009
so how do you make the meat w/ veggie? I'm looking for a good recipe to make for my babies. :smile:) TIA