Help for my first LV - Mono Speedy 30 or Damier Azur 25/30

  1. I'm so excited to purchase my first LV (yay!) and I'd love my fellow TPFers opinion on whether I should go with the mono or the damier azur. (Considerations: I'm a professional in my early 20's and planning to spend around $600)

    My concerns:
    1. Speedy?
    The speedy's seem to be the most popular, but also the most faked - would it seem like trying to be too much of a "follower" to get the speedy?

    2. Mono vs. Damier Azur?
    I'm quite torn b/c the mono is obviously a classic - but it kinda screams "look at me, I'm an LV!", whereas the azur is a little more discreet (and is *such* an adorable print!). I've considered the fact that the azur will show things like dirt and pen marks more (and I'd be taking it on the subway with me :sweatdrop:), however the patina looks better on the mono than the azur. I've also heard that the canvas on the azur is thinner than the mono - any truth to that?:confused1:

    Which leaves me so confused....which should I choose???
  2. I'd get the Speedy only because it's a classic and because it's a great starter bag. As for what line to get, I'd get Damier Azur. It has a fresh, vibrant look to it. :supacool:

    If you decide not to get a Speedy, I suggest getting a Damier Azur Saleya PM.

    If you have any questions on vachetta or patina, refer to these threads here:



    Welcome to tPF btw! ;)
  3. As much as I love the Azur Speedy, I would go with the mono for your first LV. I should probably mention that my first LV was the Mono Speedy 30 so I'm a bit partial :p
  4. I just ordered my first LV and it was the Azur Speedy 30... I'm 5'5 about 160LBs so I figured that size would be good, I like big bags also.

    I like the mono but around here it is sooo faked and even though I really don't care I just wanted something different. And the Azur is sooo cute and fresh like above said!

    I also got a couple accesories to go with it- the Love Long Scarf and the Framboise Vernis Cles- Change purse thing.

    I really do suggest the Azur. it's so cute. Eventhough I haven't recieved it yet, I know I will love it!

    Good luck with your decision! I know it's hard! So many choices!
  5. I would get the mono 30 first it;s more of an all year round bag and then i would go gor the azur 25 later on. I think azur pattern looks better in the smaller 25 because it sags less and i don't really like the sag in the checker pattern but i love it in the mono
  6. I'd get the Mono's a classic
  7. The mono speedy is such a classic bag.
  8. My first was the Mono Speedy 25. It was a great first LV! I now have the Azur Speedy 30 but I am so glad I got the Mono first.

    Hope that helps. :yes:
  9. When I got my first LV a year ago, I didn't want a mono. Like you, I see so many fakes around. Plus, to me it screamed "LV". So, I got a Damier Illovo. Later, I bought an Azur Saleya PM, which I love, love, love. Then, I started liking the mono more and got a Mini Lin ebene Speedy. Well, I've finally fallen onto the bandwagon and received my first mono bag today-a BH.

    So, I say get what you want, and don't think of it as if you won't have another chance to get a different one later. They are like potato chips. You just can't have one. :heart:
  10. Highly recommend a mono speedy 30 for a first LV. It's such a great classic bag that will last forever.
  11. I would go for the Azur, its so cute.
  12. To answer your question about the canvas being thinner, So not true! I find that my damier and damier azur products seem a little thicker, if anything, than the mono. They're probably the same, but my mono bags just seem more supple. I would go for the mono since you're taking it on the subway. How exciting! Getting your first lv! Good luck with your purchase!
  13. Go for the azur speedy, it's a nice change from the MC that everyone else has!
  14. My vote is for the Azur.
  15. Mono speedy 30, its so classic thats why i love!