Help for my first inclusion bracelet....

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  1. I have read a lot threads from the group of inclusion club, I think I fall in love with the cute bracelets now. My DH agree to let me get one. But the problem is I don't know which color I should get.

    I like gray with silver and pearls and also like turquoise-green. It's a hard decision for me. The green one looks like jade to me, very attractive. Gray can easy to match with my watch and ring.

    Any idea? Please!:crybaby:
  2. clear black or gray would go will mostly anything =)
  3. I think you would probably get more use out of the grey bracelet.
  4. Thanks for you opinion.

    That's what I thought to get the black one, but it's hard to find one now.:heart:
  5. Thanks for your opinion.

    Now I can make my mind to get my gray bracelet. I will show you guys later.:tup:
  6. I love the grey one. I think it's gorgeous and agree it will go with everything!
  7. I like the blue & yellow...and usualy,these 2 colors are not me,but the shade is quite adorable.
  8. I vote for the grey or the black! I just bought the black pm and I am in LoVe!
  9. Get the grey! It will work with more.
  10. i agree with everyone else here! grey is a good first choice, cuz it'll fit with everything.
    But i also LOVE the PARME, so girly and perfect for the summer

  11. You guys really do me a favor. I asked my DH, he doesn't care about the color, just said how much? I answered him, then he said go for it. But the color is really a issue to me. I usually wear dress and skirt, frankly, my clothing are more prone pink and white. I think I will like parme. Let's wait and see, maybe I will buy them more after I get my first gray.

    Thanks again. I love you all.:love: