Help for my 1st MJ bag!

  1. Hi girls,

    I finally caved and decided to get a MJ bag (esp since Bloomies has F&F). I actually bought the Elise in Bone today, but I feel like the Bone color is a bit too yellow/beige for me. I want a bag that's an off-white cream color instead, but the only bags that I saw in that color were the large multipocket and the Blake. I really like the shape of the Elise because it's a bit more dressy, I'm just not sure how versatile the Bone color is. I don't really like the MP b/c it's too casual and I'm unsure about the Blake b/c I'm afraid it'll be too heavy. What are ya'lls thought as to what I should get? Should I keep the Elise or exchange it for the Blake in the off-white color? I'm at a crossroads and I can't decide what to do! Any and all comments are welcome! :confused1:
  2. Well, I have the quilted blake in white chiffon which is more of a cream and it's def one of my favorite bags! I am also in love with the Quilted Elise too....if you're interested it is still available in the Almond color at the MJ boutiques. That's going to be my next conquest! I would check out the quilted's TDF in person :smile: I just feel that the quilting makes a HUGE difference in the look of the bag. Hope that helps!
  3. Hi, and welcome to MJ!

    It really depends on your taste - if you're using the F&F discount, then get either the Elise or the Blake. MPs are relatively easy to find on sale/discount, whereas those other two styles get snatched up fast before or when the sales start.

    In terms of style, it sounds like you want an everyday bag. What's easier for you to use, a satchel or a shoulder bag? If you want your hands free, then go with shoulder bags such as the blake or the MP. If you don't want the weight, then go with the MP. Only get the blake if you can handle the weight(sometimes it feels like a brick on days where I feel tired). The Elise is a very nice satchel style bag and will forever be classic. My only gripe is that I like to get in and out of my bags fast and the zippers on the Elise aren't always friendly since they zip down the sides of the bag.

    If it was me, I'd go with the MP if I wanted a bag that I can use every day without worries. I'd go with a blake if I wanted to add a classier style bag to my collection. Personally, I wouldn't get an Elise - I'm not a satchel girl. LOL.. that being said, I'd wait to get the MP on sale and forget the F&F discount.

    I think bone is a very versatile color that will match with anything. Luckily, MJs stand up well in light colors - no yellowing or fading, and they're easy to clean and maintain.

    HTH... let us know what you decide!
  4. I just got my first MJ (a bordeaux Blake). It is on the heavier side however I don't put that much stuff in it so it doesn't matter.

    And as I told a friend the other day, "It's not about function. It's about FASHION." And sometimes your arm needs to ache a little to carry your favorite fab bag. At least that's my take on it! Get what you love!