help for my 18th birthday outfit?

  1. ok so i thought i wanted a dress but im not too sure, any suggestions you could help me with if they could be uk deliverable too please :smile: :heart:

    ok first of all i saw this gorgeous beige top from all saints and it was longish like you wore it with jeans with a bit that came down that had all beads which were glittery. i loved it until i realised it was backless completely! im not small im about a uk size 16 so thats out the window lol *edit* just another point, ive got really big boobs too so i need to emphasise my best feature lol yer... just important info!

    i was looking through a window and spotted this dress, i thought it would be a great prom dress and thought nothing else of it, went back with my mum and thought OOOH my birthday dress. What do you think? i want something elegant and what people will go ooooh doesnt she look gorgeous in.



    i dont really like it as much on the model and dont know what its like on me so id go and try it on first obviously. i was thinking i need a pair of KILLER shoes for my 18th so i was looking in flannels and the new gucci shoes and the big platform glitter ones caught my eye! so i was thinking either of these for the dress maybe?





    any opinions?

    or any help would be brill

    TIA Hannah x

    *** btw my birthday isnt until late jan but i want to get everything sorted or picked out before the whole christmas thing begins!
  2. Love those shoes
  3. beautiful dress! Love the red...underskirt, I guess you'd call it? And I would wear it with the first pair of shoes but that's just me. Have fun on your b-day!
  4. The dress is gorgeous!