Help for Lost Earring Backs on Diamond Earrings - Twice!

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  1. Hello,

    I am looking for some advice on what to do with the posts on my 0.50 tcw diamond stud earrings. They are set in platinum and are screwbacks. I've lost one of the backs twice already! Not sure if it was off of the same earring each time, though. I purchased platinum backs as replacements after the first time and then it happened again. Now, I don't feel I can safely wear the earrings anymore. I purchased the earrings ages ago off of an online retailer. I'm not familiar with what's the best earring post / backs. Also, in case I purchase some other, hopefully larger, diamond studs in the future, I would like advice on what style offers the most security. The good thing was that the posts were long enough, so as not to lose the earring completely. For the amount of money these originally cost, one would think that there's a low chance of the backs falling off and potentially losing the earring.

    Thanks for any suggestions or advice.
  2. I personally don't like screwbacks, and do not find them any more secure. I'd get regular backs or la Pousette backs next time. What I often do with my earrings is put one of those cheapy rubber backings you can buy a huge pack of at Michaels on AFTER I put the back on.
  3. I would suggest getting the screw post changed to a normal one. The jeweller would automatically include the backing. I find it more secure than the screw one because you have to regularly check. HTH.
  4. I second the La Pousette backs - they're the same size as the butterfly backs and very comfortable. I've heard horror stories about screw backs, not sure why they are seen as more secure. I read a post by Garry Holloway on Pricescope where he said most lost earrings he encountered were screw backs. Plus they accumulate more grime too.
  5. I love screw backs. Put on a clear rubber stopper behind the backing. You can find really thin ones that are not noticeable and it will stop the backing from being able to screw itself off. This is what I did and I could wear my studs for months with no worries. I, unfortunately, lost them after taking them out to clean. In retrospect, they were clearly safer in my ears. Still sad about it :sad:
  6. I think the La Pousette backs, as mention in previous posts, are very secure. However, they take some getting used to put on and take off. They also cannot be soaked in jewelry cleaning solution since that may ruin the springs inside.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions.

    Any ideas on how much it costs to convert the posts and backs?
    The settings are in platinum.

    I don't have a regular jeweler, so I'm also a bit hesitant to do this, but I guess I'll just have to do some homework and read shop reviews.
  8. It really depends on the jeweler or SA. The earrings that I've changed twice at Tiffany cost differently. Just go in and ask. Ask friends or family for recommendation because you still would want a reputable jeweler.