Help for improving skin tone and color!

  1. Are there any moisturizers out there that will help even out skin tone in both my face and body? I don't want anything that just colors my skin, but something that works to improve dark spots, scars, etc. Please help!:yes:
  2. La Mer is supposed to be great for this... in fact that was it's initial purpose, to help improve the look of scars. However, I used La Mer for a year and it ruined my skin. I have fair skin, and small pores. La Mer completely clogged my pores and gave me wicked whiteheads. It feels amazing and goes on like lard... but approach with caution. It's also very pricey... IMO.
  3. Depending on your skin type, if it's mainly uneveness in tone, I'd look at a gentle exfoliant - an AHA based lotion would probably do the trick.

    If your skin is more oily, you may need more of a salicylic acid or microdermabrasion kit to help with the uneven tone.
  4. You might want to look into Shiseido's White Lucent, it's a skin brightening line consisting of cleanser, toner, moisturizer.

    Shiseido White Lucent - Introduction
  5. OH THE Shisedo ^ is really good. you can notice it RIGHT AFTER YOU WASH YOUR FACE. but its also really strong (I almost feel my skin pulling immediately after I wash it)

    Anyway I think all skin brightening essences are good for evening skin tone.
  6. ^is that the same as whitening products? I have uneven skintone, esp from old acne scars and would love to find something that would clear it up. Would Strivecton help also?
  7. I am going to try this! Thank you!
  8. Aveeno has a moisturizer called positively radiant. It says its clinically proven to even out tone and texture. It has an SPF 15 and it's made with total soy complex.
  9. Don't know your preferences (re: high end, drug store or in the middle), but Marilyn Miglin has a line called C Perfection that works wonders for me. I've found that any of her products with vitamin C will even out my skin. The link I gave you has a full contingent of products including things for wrinkles, so you may or may not want that, but it's a nice starter kit and only $50 plus shipping (possibly tax depending on where you are). What I love about trying her stuff on HSN is you can mess with it a few weeks and if it doesn't work, you send it back for a full refund. Other than QVC I don't know any other company that will do that on used beauty products.
    Marilyn Miglin C Perfection 5-piece Skin Care Kit - HSN
  10. Out of curiosity, does drinking lots of water actually improve one's skin tone? I want that healthy glow!
  11. I've been using Neutrogena Visibly Even lotion and I have definitely noticed a difference. My skin tone is much more even. I also recently started using their acne mark fading peel and it seems to work really well. I also bought some Dove night cream that is supposed to brightened your skin tone. It has a really nice texture.
  12. Absolutely! Our bodies are made of approximately 75% water, so if you don't keep it hydrated your outward appearance reflects that. Think of a common house plant. When you keep it sufficiently watered, it's full, lush and green. Forget to water it for a few weeks and it will slowly droop, then shrivel. Same applies to your skin and lack of water.

    And that's water, DEFINITELY not soda, not energy drinks, not coffee, lattes or tea. There is some new research that says the water in tea and coffee counts somewhat towards your daily water intake, but you're best to have that cup or two in the morning then switch to good ole H20 for the duration of the day.

    I was fortunate to have figured this out in my early 20's. Now I'm in my early 50's and my skin shows a lifetime of good hydration and (mostly) good nutritional choices. :smile:
  13. Swanky swears by drinking lots of water from reading her posts and I have cut back on caffeine in Diet Cokes (none) and drinking a pitcher of water a da and I htink it helps. I read a story in H. Bazaar on Gwyneth Paltrow and she said her advice to her daughter is skin protection and water for long-term beauty.
  14. I recently changed my routine looking for that healthy glow and it seems to be working. I started juicing again which really helps. I start the day off with a juice cocktail of carrots, red bell pepper, cucumber, spinach, and either an apple or pear. The vitamin A vegetables are especially good for your skin. I also started using vitamin c serum and alpha hydroxys and have noticed a big improvement.
  15. oh, oh! the aveeno moisturizer is reaaaally good. i've used it for a year now and my skin looks great!