Help For Chloe Newbie: Edith Leather?

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  1. Hi,
    I just ordered my first Chloe off of Bluefly (Edith loaf / small pocket satchel). What should I expect the leather to be like? The description indicated it's kid leather, which I would imagine is soft.
    Any thoughts? Any differences between seasons / years, like we have with Balenciaga leathers?

    TIA for any help you can offer!:yes:
  2. eeeeek, remember to get the chloe authenticated... there are a few people that had bad experiences w/ bluefly.

    But the edith loaf is totally adorable. (i don't have one, but congratulations)!!!!

    I wish i could help you w/ the leather.
  3. I know! After the Balenciaga debacle from last year! Anyway, seems like the Chloe members are liking the current crop on Bluefly, which made me feel better. They do have authentic GH Bals on there, as well.
  4. I have a SS2007 Edith Two-Pocket Satchel and the leather is so grogeous! :heart:

    It is very thick and pebbled and a little bit wrinkled. Certainly very soft - most similar to Paddington leather but thicker - or at least it is on my Edith ;)

  5. OK, that's good to know!!!! :yahoo: