Help for chew toys for a Chi who tears them open!

  1. Ugh I need someone to help me out with suggestions!One of my Chis, Bentley (the black/tan one) loves to take squeaky toys and tear the stuffing out of them. I am so nervous that he will get the filling wrapped around his intestines and have medical problems.Can someone tell me if there are smaller sized toys for dogs that are pretty much indestructible??!! TIA!! :smile:
  2. There is no such thing as an indestructable dog toy. My beagle/basset can chew up any toy, even a kong. Pretty much all she gets now are knuckle bones to play with.
  3. Yeah, i stopped buying those furry fuzzy toys because my pug would open them up and swallow the insides! Then he would eat up ANY lint he found! I too got scared that it would cause him problems.:s
    So now i only buy him "non furry ones".
  4. I have a Yorkie that normally tears apart all little stuffed animal toys. BUTTT, his all time fave toy is his Neopet from Mcdonalds. lol.

    He's had it for over 2 years but it's small, compact, and not filled with too much fluff so he's lasted so long. It also doesn't have beans or beads in it (my dog has torn apart those stuffed animals and the beans went everywhere!!).

    Here's some on eBay.
    eBay - neopet mcdonalds, Fast Food, Cereal Premiums, Stuffed Animals items on
  5. When I buy toys for Maya I look at the stiching first. You can tell what will be torn apart in 3 seconds and what will last a little longer. I don't leave her alone with the toys she can tear apart, or chewies, etc.
    I'm not a big help, but really just try and make sure the stiching is really tight before buying new toys.
  6. If you're worried, just make sure you're always supervising when your dog plays with a chew toy.

    (What about one of those solid rubber rings? They don't squeak, but they seem so indestructable.)
  7. My chi does the same thing, and only her stuffed sqeaky toys make her happy. So I just keep an eye on her and when she starts to rip one open, I sew up the rip once or twice and eventually throw it away and buy new ones.
  8. I have found that the toys from McD's last the longest but they don't have squeakies. Also, Dr. Noy's Pet Toys is a brand of toy without stuffing & removable/replaceable squeakers. My shi-chi loves the tiny ones and they last longer than most other stuffed toys.
  9. My Min Pin does the same thing, but what I do is just get the squeaky toys that do not have the filling in them from Petsmart. The toys that he has with just the squeaky in the toy are his favorites and there is nothing to rip out.
  10. my chi does this to every stuff animal she comes in contact with. I just watch her closely once she gets her toy ripped open and the stuffing comes out. once the stuffing is out I watch to see what she does and she always spits out, i really don't your dog will eat it. they just like the satisfaction of distroying the top. once all the stuffing is out, she leaves it alone.
  11. ^Ugh not mine...he EATS it!! :sad:**Thanks for everyone's suggestions! :smile:
  12. sorry nic!! i don't have this problem... faye is just NOT interested in chew toys, AND hasn't ripped any of her stuffed animals, even though she goes CRAZY w/ all of them! (well, except ONE stuffed hello kitty i bought her, it's teensy -which she won't chew and flap around with... she treats it like her baby!!, very cute!)

    LOL, this reply was no help, sorry!! -i just wanted to tell you i :heart:33 your new av! i never realized that bentley and faye had such similar markings/coloring in their coat :smile:
  13. ^^^ p.s. carmen = cutey-pa-tootie!! (she's sooo cute hiding in those pillows!) dont you just love when they hide on all the smooshy-ness of blankets and pillows and surprise you with their little faces?? (omg, i'm sooo OT, woops!)
  14. My Dachshund rips open every toy he gets. I think there's only one toy he didn't rip apart, yet. But every stuffed animal he gets is doooomed!
  15. My boy chi loves to play and has a stuffed chicken that he rips apart. He has a rubber squeaky ball that has ridges, he loves it. He cant fit the whole ball in his mouth, just grabs it in his mouth by the ridges. It keeps him entertained for almost an hour, if I keep throwing it to him. Oddly my female chi is not interested in toys at all. She loves to chew on bones though.