Help for anyone considering egg donation

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  1. I just wanted to offer my experiences, thoughts, etc. for anyone on the board considering an egg donor. I was an egg donor twice for two different couples and the experience was amazing. One was in Canada and the other at one of the best clinics in the USA.

    So if anyone is thinking about it or has questions, I would be happy to give you the good, bad, and ugly regarding agencies, clinics, etc.
  2. Hmmm.. With my situation.. My current dr doesn't feel another IVF would work for me and said that they would only do it again if I considered getting egg donor.. I just don't know how I feel at this point about it.

    But, I think you're totally amazing for doing that. I can't imagine having to go through that if you didn't have to. Thank you for doing this.. Those couples must be so thrilled. When I'm ready, I may pm you about questions in regards to this. I just can't see it now. I have an appt next month with another doctor for a 2nd opinion. I think my insurance only covers 1 more IVF so it's something I really have to think about.
  3. Becca, you ARE a sweatheart!

    You gave hopes to two couples, you're amazing!

    I've not thought about it yet, but this might be a good option we can pursue in the future.

    Thank you!
  4. Thank you mssmelanie and beejerry. I have researched different clinics and different donor agencies for almost three years prior to donating. I learned a lot; there are many agencies out there that really lack ethics. My experiences were totally different from the other and as a result the outcomes were different.

    mssmelanie; I see that you are in NJ. I worked with IRMS in Livingston, NJ and they are the best of the best. Their screening of donors is top notch (which is key IMO). My days of donating are over, but I still want to help couples in any way I can. Please feel free to pm me if you have any questions, etc.

    Good luck guys!
  5. Hey All,
    I just wanted to let you know that Dr. Lori Arnold here in San Diego has an embryo banking program, and as long as you can produce 1 egg a month, she will hold your eggs until you have enough for transfer. I am a donor with her, but I have seen a lot of families who have thought that they were at the end of thier rope, and then all of a sudden, I get a call that I am not needed because they are preggers! I guess I should feel a little bit sad that I can't help out with donating, but honestly, I get so excited to hear that a family is pregnant after so much hardship! You should try to give her a call if you are thinking of doing IVF with your eggs, at least she can talk to you over the phone and let you know what the chances are over here at her clinic. The number for her clinic is 619-397-2950. I wish everyone the best of luck on your journey with IVF!!!!!
  6. Hallo Becca, I found interest in donor program or surrogacy. I am citizen of the Czec Republic. I am abel and free of time to travel (specialy in those parts of US, where I have friends and support). I would like to know if there is some agencies or clinics which accepted donor/surrogate mother from other country then US and which one is good, bad and so on. Please be so kind and send me some more infornatoin on my e-mail
  7. Hi Becca,

    Im actually thinking of becoming an egg donor, we TTC for almost 8 years and had 5 ICSI cycles before getting a natural BFP a month after our last BFN, my DD is now 14 months and im thinking of "giving something back" now that i have my dream, im a member of an Infertility forum so know a bit about egg donation, my DH isnt that keen yet but i'll talk him round, can i ask, did your clinic tell you when one of your couples acheived a PG? and how many PG's would they let you have in total? i think its 10 here for sperm donors but not sure about egg donors.