?HELP for all vernis lovers..

  1. The vernis collection caught my eye in elux, forget eBay after being on this forum (Thank you all a million!)

    I live in Canada, I called the LV places near me (2 locations), and they dont have the Vernis in stock, how sad.

    Im leaning towards the houston vs the brentwood. Since it is slightly smaller, right?

    But the pics in elux dont show me how it looks close up, details, and most especially what it looks inside.
    1) The tags inside, where to look for serial #s, is it a patch or is it engraved.
    2) what color, material is the lining?
    3) Just in case, I dont buy from elux, any other legit options? (this is why I need anwers to #1,2)

    Better yet, can you guys post pics of your vernis, or point me to someone who can answer my questions. Thank you!
  2. anyone?
  3. I don't own anything in Vernis yet so I can't really help, but maybe you can try looking in the LV Reference Library or at members' pics in the Clubhouse?