Help for a technologically-challenged tPF'er...

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  1. Soooo, since I joined this lovely forum, I've spent hours rearranging my bags and taking photos (usually crouched in weird positions to try to get the most flattering shots) to share with everyone. Unfortunately, they are all too big to upload. Since I'm not a tech guru (by ANY means) I don't know how to resize my pictures! :shame:

    Can anyone please help?? Your advice would be MUCH appreciated!! :yes:
  2. Use a service like You can upload your pics to the site and then link them to the site from there. That's what I do!
  3. I have a somewhat related question.. WHere do the pictures from "print screen" end up? I can't seem to retrace them after I push the button. >_<
  4. Liberte - if you ctrl+alt+print screen, then open up a Word document, you can ctrl+V (paste) them into there. Or in an Outlook email.

    Mods - I meant to post this in the "General Discussion" forum...can you please help move this thread? Thanks!!!
  5. This is where this question belongs actually!
  6. Thanks lori & Jill.

    But still trying to figure out how to resize pictures on my computer...:shrugs: