Help for a potential BE newbie!

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  1. I'm not sure what made me click on this forum ... and I may be sorry (or rather, my wallet may be sorry!)

    I just looked at the Belen Echandia web site, as well as the thread about the Fall '08 bags. Two bags (so far) that I really like are the I'm Yours Tote and the Love Me. I love the color petrol ... and can't decide which bag I might order of these two in that color.

    I love big bags (I am tall) and I have a casual lifestyle (jeans, khakis, etc.) so I think either of these bags would work as far as size. However ... do you think either of the two styles I like so far (I'm Yours Tote, and the Love Me) are too "young" for a nearly 52-year-old? I don't want to look like I'm "mutton dressed as lamb". Thanks for your honest opinions!
  2. You're as old as you feel and believe me......52 is a spring chick!!

    My Mom is 65 and has worn my Love Me and it ROCKS on her!!!!

    Live life to the fullest and wear what you like (within reason) and with Jackie's bags you can't go any age!
  3. goldenflower ~ absolutely NOT!!! :nogood:

    I am soon approaching the half-century mark and view these bags as adoring women within a generous wide age-range. I do not view these designs being specific to any particular age group, but, rather more suited for women of various heights and/or sizes ~ not to mention personal taste.

    For example, I personally think the I'm Yours Tote would suit a taller/larger woman much better than its smaller sister, the I'm Yours -- which is quite similar with a slightly smaller footprint and substantially shorter design.

    I think the Love Me is too large for my petite stature of 4'11", although the Love Me Mini is quite ideal.

    I really dig your metaphor: mutton dressed like lamb

    Please take a look at photos fellow PF members have posted to see what I am attempting to explain here ~ age not being a factor, just personal preference, what one carries, and subjective ideas on scale.

    Enjoy the new BE sub-forum!!!
  4. goldenflower, I'm 5"11 and just turned 44! I LOVE my pewter LM and think it's awesome for us amazons! I think the IYT would be great too, and if there are any left around in June, I may consider picking one up at the sale. If you have a particular color choice, I wouldn't advise waiting, BTW, they tend to go like hotcakes. For good reason!

    Welcome to BE -- glad to meet another tall girl!
  5. Contessa, dsrk, and valkyrie360 -- Thank you all for the welcome to the BE sub-forum!

    Contessa, I agree with you about being as old as you feel. I actually feel pretty young (yippee!) :smile: Having seen many women who dress like their teenage daughters, though, I think I'm a bit paranoid about seeming to be "trying too hard" to stay young, KWIM? I love it that your 65-yo mom wears your bags! Very cool. :yes:

    dsrk, thank you for your input! I agree with you, taller women look better with bigger bags, and vice versa ... it's all about proportion. My main concerns in terms of the BE bags maybe being too "young" for me are the details such as lots of grommets, distressed-looking leather, etc. I have looked at lots of photos already - there are some absolutely gorgeous bags! I think as long as I stay with somewhat "plainer" styles, I won't feel like I'm trying to look like my teenage daughter. I'm really looking forward to getting my first BE!

    valkyrie360, it's nice to "meet" another tall woman! I hated being tall when I was younger (teenage years) but now I like it - except for the problem of finding clothing that is long enough in the legs & arms! I love bigger bags, too. Besides the fact that they look better on me because I'm tall, I haul around a lot of "stuff" and so a smaller bag just doesn't work.

    I'm probably not going to wait because I do want certain colors - I'm crazy about the petrol color but can't decide if I should get it in the Love Me or the IYT. I am pretty sure I'm going to order both bags but wish I could be more decisive about which colors to get!
  6. goldenflower, I hear you on finding clothes! Designers definitely create for the "norm" don't they? It's funny because so many runway models are really tall -- maybe if bought into much higher fashion???

    As for bag size, I'm completely with you on larger bags. Yet, this time I'm ordering a glossy black Hug Me from the fall line. This is the first time that I am breaking with my usual modus operandum, because I love the simplicity and elegance of the bag, and the fact that as a handheld it probably wouldn't look too small. Even though I'm tall and carry a lot of stuff, sometimes I just want a smaller going out kind of bag. I'm hoping, as a tall girl, to use this as kind of a larger clutch if you know what I mean.

    As for youthful styles, I think the fall TME's are less grommety than the current LMs, in fact they use leather loops instead of grommets. This size is fabulous for us tall girls, BTW. I wouldn't even consider the midis or minis. If you are sold on a more conservative look, I think the IYT would be perfect. Have you seen it in wine on the website? It's droolworthy and in my opinion the color is classic!

    Keep in mind that Jackie's styles are elegant and classic at the same time as being fresh and sexy. Don't know how she manages to do this, but if I did I'd probably be a great designer too! I see her bags as breathing fresh air into my wardrobe and life. It's harder to judge by the Fall collection because the metals are harder to photograph, but these bags are not glitzy by any stretch of the imagination. Even the purple crash is deep, subtle and sophisticated, not glittery like it looks in the photos.

    So glad you're here -- it's hard to get the "tall" perspective sometimes. All these ladies loved their LM minis so much that I had to order one -- but alas -- just not right on my frame and it looked silly compared to my LM. You and I can truly bounce perspective off each other!
  7. One of the things I like about Jackie's bag are that they don't look too young.....I feel age appropriate carrying these (I'm 38). The have just the right mix of style & class with some edginess added by the color choices
  8. Girl, exactly what I wanted to say in much fewer words! :yes:
  9. So glad you're hear to chat with us about our :love: for BE bags!

    FYI: Someone (who, I can't recall) posted (where, I don't remember) that Jackie is selling her remaining Love Me and Love Me Mini stock to a merchant in France (I think) ~ and, soon (I believe). Sheesh, I sound so credible! :rolleyes:

    Cornflower Blue has the I'm Yours Tote in Petrol, and it is so gorgeous!!! She posted photos somewhere...I'm starting to fade so I can't locate them right now.

    Jackie recently re-designed the I'm Yours Tote with a single zipper, rather than double zipper, as shown in the Pearlised Cream and Wine on the BE web site ~ which leads me to believe that this bag isn't being phased out at the moment, although I honestly don't know.

    Just a couple things to consider in making your decision.

    Good luck deciding!!