Help for a newbie - maxi mabel?

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  1. Hi all
    Been lurking for a few weeks as I've been bitten badly by the Mulberry bug:yahoo:
    Have invested (that's what I'm telling myself!) in mono mabel and rose agyness so far but am becoming obsessed by the aqua maxi mabel. Need a bag for work that wll sit easily on the shoulder with a coat, and fit a laptop and some files in it. Do you think this woul fit the bill? Do bags like this ever come up in the outlets?:shrugs:
    Thanks for your help - great forum (pictures of my growing family to follow) :woohoo::woohoo:
  2. welcome to the forum the maxi mabel is quite large you could use it as an overnight bag I have seen them at the Shepton Mallet
  3. Hi and welcome - sounds like a great idea and yes I think that they do pop up now and again at Shepton.
  4. I saw a few in Manchester today and theyre HUGE! I'd say more of a carry on luggage type thing than anything, maybe try getting hold of a large mabel if there's any still around?
  5. It will probably take a while for the aqua one to come through the outlet as it's new season. There are two big Mabels at Shepton at the moment - one in dark pink and the other in chocolate.
  6. Hello and welcome!
  7. Thanks everyone. I have to say Kate I did wonder whether the maxi would be too big for everday use. There are no large mabels on the website - I don't suppose anyone knows its dimensions/colours. Think I might have to try on the large/maxi for size before deciding. So many bags, so little time :drool:
    Thanks sarajane for the heads up on SM - if size OK good to know there are some about.
  8. I think the large is about 26-27" wide, although I don't know the height etc Some of the other girls might know where you can get one as I don't think they produce them anymore? Outlets could be worth a try but I'm not sure. For sizing there's a couple of pics in the celebrity thread of Mischa and Keira with their large red mabels!
  9. I've just spoken to the Bond Street store and they've told me that they're not doing large Mabels for SS08. They've still got a couple of AW07 large Mabels but nothing in the new colours.

    So I now have to decide whether to go for the aqua Mabel in regular or maxi. I'm going to be praying that I get one for my birthday in May ;) assuming that I like the antiqued leather IRL.

    Would the maxi really be ridiculous as a day bag? Even though I'm so tall? I'm just worrying that the regular Mabel would be a bit small on me - I can't get it over my shoulder (that old chestnut!). And surely the maxi Mabel on me (at 6ft) would look like the large Mabel on someone who's 5ft?

    I just love, love, love that aqua - it's my favourite colour and to have a bag in that shade would be fantastic :tup:

    Sorry for the hijack, queenmul78. Keep us posted if you decide to go for the maxi :yes:
  10. Oooh Ditab, we like this kind of dilemma if it means a new bag.
    The maxi Mabel is a big bag but as you're 6ft I reckon you could easily carry it off as a day bag. That aqua is a great colour!
  11. Thanks, sara. I think I'll probably need to try it out IRL - I'm sure it's no heavier than the Roxanne or Emmy, it's just whether it looks too big on me. And I'll need to see what DH thinks as I'm trying to convince him to buy it for me :wlae: Well, he's had a really, REALLY busy year work-wise :happydance: and it's come to my attention that 35 is considered a significant birthday..... so, we'll see :lol: I'm sure he's going to love the colour - I just suspect he'll think the maxi is too big (and too expensive!)

    I'm really looking forward to finding out how you get on with the straps on the red Mabel :yes:
  12. The red Mabel is the same size as the pink one I bought. I tried it out around the house & found the straps fine. I think it's because the bag is so pliable that it smooshed down a bit. The straps are also quite wide so they sat on my shoulder really well & didn't slide off.
    It was actually v comfortable & the strap length was fine.

  13. Oh, I'm so optimistic now :tup: I've really only tried the regular Mabel instore while fully stuffed. My friend's large Mabel fits fine unstuffed so hopefully the regular will be ok, too. I also think the aqua colour will be sympathetic to scratches on that antique leather (certainly moreso than brown or midnight) so we have a contender :yahoo: Very excited!
  14. I was wondering what you were on about when you said it wouldn't go over your shoulder. If it goes over mine, it'll fit yours. It's all that stuffing - get that out & it smooshes right down.
    I'm a fussy bird (like you!) & I know marks on antiqued leather in the darker colours would bug me, but I think it wouldn't be such an issue on the turquoise. Think it would be a colour that would 'soak' them up.
  15. Hi all - thanks for the replies. Ditab - i'm with you -I just think the aqua colour is to die for and would go with anything! :drool: Have found a large Mabel in black in Manchester today but wouldn't fit my work stuff in so looks like the maxi mabel in aqua may have to be the way forward. Will keep you updated :rolleyes: