Tech Help for a new laptop.

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  1. I would like to buy a laptop for only browsing the internet. is there any cheap ones out there? what brand would you recommend? It doesn't have to be a big laptop. can be small thanks
  2. if you're looking for internet only you might be ok with a netbook. netbook or notebook the main laptops are acer, dell and hp, which are all fairly comparible in prices.

    netbooks if you look hard enough you can find them for under $250. Notebooks you can get for $450-$500
  3. I too would say a netbook would be a good choice. I'm personally looking for a netbook atm and I'm looking into getting an Asus EEE or Dell mini. When I used to build my own desktops I only used Asus motherboards and was always happy with them (my desktop is still alive and kicking.. I made it in 2004). I would also go for Dell cause they have awesome CS. If you get the extra option... I believe they will personally send someone to fix your netbook if it ever breaks and its something that couldn't be solved on the phone. Going prices for Asus EEE starts at $250 I think (for a 3 cell..). If you're looking for something that can have a battery life of more than 4 hours I would go for a 6 cell netbook which usually starts at $299 (you could get a better deal if you find a sale ^__^). Dell mini are starting at $250 as well for 3 cell (new) but if you get a refurb one its just as good (backed by their warranty and you shouldn't have a problem if you get their extended service.. mind if you don't have anyone else to fix your netbook for you or don't want to spend the time figuring out whats wrong with it yourself.. this can be a good deal). Dell refurbs 3 cell can start at $200. They recently had an awesome refurb sale which was 20% off all their outlet netbooks (I think that ended already though =(..) If you have a best buy near you, they have a 12 inch one on clearance (clearance price is only in B&M) ..

    Keep in mind though that netbooks don't have optical drives (can't watch dvds or put cds in them). Hope this helps ^__^.
  4. thanks, what are the difference between netbook and notebook
  5. netbook is smaller, and like meechelley said, they do not come with optical drives which means you can't use a dvd or cd in it. you can however by an external drive that can be hooked up to it. they also have smaller harddrives, memory and processors. most are 1 gb with 160gb hard drive. basically just meant for using the internet, emailing, or word processing.

    notebooks are basically larger and more powerful all around and come with optical drives. they can handle more powerful programs and etc...