Help for a Guy who's feeling Winter Blahs.

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  1. Okay, you guys probably know me from the LV forum and the College orientation Question I posted a while back. I'm back with a new set of dilemmas.
    I'm feeling the winter style blahs. I need some new inventive ways to dress warmly, let look fashion forward for campus/work and in between. I think David Beckham does Winter Wear well, but I need some help on how to adapt those looks for everyday life.
    My background info is this:
    1. College Student- I'm on a budget.
    2. Winter Walking- I need to be somewhat comfy in the shoe department, but I need to be warm all over and need to be able to take off for those stuffy classrooms that I have.
    3. I'm a guy, and I'm metrosexual so anything goes. Nothing is off limits for me.
    4. I do not want to be in the uniform of khakis and polos. I do NOT want to look like a frat boy.
    Any and all suggestions, help, images, whatever... will be gladly welcomed! Thanks in advance!
  2. I think the modern preppy look looks good on guys. I would check Old Navy and Gap and even the sale section of Banana Republic for thin, solid-colored crewneck and v-neck sweaters and button-up collared shirts (anything besides plain white). Then you can wear them layered together or separately. As far as pants, experiment a little with colors. Try brown and olive in addition to black, gray, and khaki, maybe even some subtle prints like pinstripe or cross-hatching (squares, plaid?). Also, I would look for a nice, simple, 3/4 length wool coat. Wear it all together and you'll look really put together, IMO. Sorry, I don't have any recommendations for shoes, although Clarks seems to make comfortable men's shoes that are relatively stylish.

    These are just my ideas, of course, HTH!
  3. for Shoes i think a great pair of boots look good on a guy.. probably from aldo or CK?

    for fun, skinny ties or knit ties are fun to play around with. good pair of wool pants would look great and not as dressy

    my bf has this marc by marc jacob sweater, horizontal stripes with v neck and big buttons, looks awesome and warm. also try american apparel for some boyfriend type of sweaters (well actually for guys) with big colorful buttons are fun as well.
  4. Great suggestions. I really like those ideas. I have a 3/4 wool coat but never really know what to pair it with, so this will be a good place to start.
    Also, American Apparel stuff is nice and comfy, I will def check that out. Haven't really bought anything from there in a while.
    Thanks for the good suggestions!
  5. OK, Burberry and Lacoste are the BEST for polo shirts and jackets.. Burberry also makes some great sweaters, jackets, and raincoats (I have 3 or 4) For T-shirts, get a less-exaggerated (without rhinestones and glitter and such) Ed Hardy, since they have some great designs. For pants, burberry (you can tell I love this brand) is great. Jeans- True Religion, 7 for all Mankind, Rack&Republic, William Rast, or Diesel are the best out there (to me). For shoes, try a pair of boots or sneakers from Nike, Adidas, or Lacoste