Help for a Balenciaga newbie....

  1. Hi,

    first time I've ever posted in the Balenciaga Forum, I usually stay to Louis Vuitton and Hermes..

    but what I want to know is how often you see the Men's Day bags in stores? and do they ever get diescontinued after the season has ended?
    Since, I don't plan on getting one so soon just yet....


    also can you please refer me to any sites that have information on how to tell the difference between Fake Balenciaga and authentic Balenciaga, (like Om* Goddess's or Mypoupette's page for Louis Vuitton)

    Thanks much! :flowers:
  2. Thankyou!!
    I was looking for that site since thay have more pics of the Men's day!
  3. Thanks Jennifer!
  4. Thanks for those sites, I've starting to catch bales, and studs more often now!
  5. the Men's Day is such a great bag. i've got 3 and i want more....


  6. Well, where you think I got the idea?? Hahaha..
  7. no finger pointing please! it's very rude.... :shame::whistle:

  8. oh, and if you spot a teal Men's Day... give me a holler ok? ;)
  9. sure...since I'm looking for a Black/ Mocha one...