Help Flea Problem!

  1. Hey Everyone,

    As I've mentioned I got a new kitty about 3 months ago and this past weekend I noticed that she was scratching alot when I decided to inspect her coat and what I feared came true...she had fleas all over her! YUCK! :yucky: I didn't know what to do at first and the only thing I could think of was to call the vet and make an appointment as soon as possible ( sadly they were booked until Friday which is tomorrow so I get to take her in ) but my problem was occuring on Monday so I needed a quick fix and I bought:

    1. Prescriptives: which the product claimed it was "like" Advantage and Frontline but the product didn't work at all...if anything it made the fleas more noticeable and bought them more to the surface on the fur.

    I went back to Petco and bought:

    2. BioSpot for Kittens and Cats: it's basically a spray that you put all over the cat and then you have to use a flea comb to take out all the eggs/larve/fleas, and this product actually cat was purrring instantly...i guess she was getting relief from all the biting. Poor baby :crybaby:

    Anyways I'm finally headed to the vet tomorrow i'd like to some advice from fellow CAT owners....if there's any product you recommend stop fleas from getting in my cats fur...and is there anything else I should be worried earmites, maybe ?

    Anyways I'm just asking for anything I should be aware of before-hand...and anything that I may need to make sure that my cat is not attacked by bugs. Cause the fleas came as a surprise to me because i never took her out or anything and i'm not sure HOW she got them in the first place. :sad:
  2. Advantage is the best flea and tick protection on the market. Bit pricey, worth every penny!
  3. I use Advantage as well, in addition to the flee comb. It sounds like you have your bases covered. My dogs, even though they are protected, will occasionally get flees so keep the flee comb handy.
  4. If I think they have a couple of fleas I bath my three cats in Free Itch which is recommended for puppies and kittens as well as adult animals. This kills all the fleas on them and later when they are fully dry I use a pour on product. I do find with the longer haried cats that the pour on does not work as well.