Help! Flat giant hobo??

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  1. Hello! Could you guys tell me if this is real?

    I have been on a bag ban for over a year, but my dream bag has always been the old Balenciaga flat hobo without the metal rings and just leather that goes through to the handles. And then I see this on! Is this for real? Can I get it "normal" (I think the Giants are so heavy) or at least in silver GH and black?
    What is the style name??
    Please helt me! I have been waiting for this bag for too long! :smile:


  2. HI,
    Wish I could help ya out but I am not sure if this site sells Auth or not. Post this in Authenticate this Balenciaga. Love the style, Good Luck to you!!!
  3. I've responded to your question in another posters thread as well. [=

    It's called a Besace messenger and although it is an authentic type of bbag, you'll need to post your question in the Authenticate This! Balenciaga thread for the gals to help you out there.

    The Besace comes in giant hardware only, available in giant gold or giant silver (just no rh).

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.