Help fixing Chanel sunnies!

  1. Hi, everybody!

    I recently bought a pair of Chanel sunglasses off of eBay (5060b), and they are authentic and shiny-spotless! The only problem is that the arms are incredibly stretched out - as if a basketball was wearing them. :shrugs:

    Do any of you know how I could fix this problem? Part of the problem seems to be with the hinges, but I'm also wondering if the plastic is warped. They are in great condition... it seems a shame to get rid of them if I can fix this minor little problem...

    Thanks for any/all advice you can give!
    -Leamington :heart:
  2. If you take them to an eyeglass store they have adjustment tools. One of my pairs needed to be tightened so they didn't fall down my nose and now they're just perfect!
  3. Thanks for the advice, Roey!

    I'll try that when I get a chance.