Help fix my face!

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  1. hi everyone, i dont usually post in the beauty section but i do lurk around here every now and then.

    I have had clear skin for ages now but have been under some stress lately and a lot of hectic traveling and stuff. My cheeks have bumps all over them now as well as my lower chin. I HATE it!!! i tried squeezing one and nothing comes out really, once or twice like hard white-ish stuff did though. I dont know what to do to get clear skin again, so any recommendations?

    I have purchased glycolic acid and a bunch of stuff like natural exfoliators and stuff but nothing seems to be working. maybe i am just not being patient but i cant stand looking in the mirror anymore.

  2. I had the same problem....when I switched jobs I was really stressed and had a really bad breakout, and all I did to clear it up within just days was use Dial soap to wash my face in the shower and at night before bed. I tried EVERYTHING prior to just using dial soap (which was my mom's suggestion).
  3. Perhaps it is not what you are using on your face but the stress and your eating habits. I would add lots of salads and fresh fruit. Stay away from processed foods and sugar and drink lots of water. You will be amazed at how what you put in your body effects your skin.