Help! First time to LV Store.. :P

  1. Hi ladies,
    I don't know if this is silly..but I'm going to go to the LV store (finally..!)to get the Mono Lockit horizontal (OR Popincourt haut)...and I'm just a lil' bit worry.
    Hehe..ya see, it's my very first time to the LV store as my previous bags were purchased over the net..
    So I don't know what to expect to enter such a "big" store..I just don't want to look silly:P
    Would the SA normally ready to approach us or they'll let alone to look around..., etc, etc..?
    I'll be going there alone, in like 5hrs time about 11-12noon..
    Any advise...?

    Thank you!!;)
  2. Just walk in, the SAs will take care of the rest. :smile:
    There is usually a security guard who will greet you at the door with a smile & nod, then once you get in just walk around and look at the pretties until someone asks if you'd like help.
    Which store are you going to? maybe someone can recommend a SA to you.
    Have fun & try everything.
  3. Hi Taco, thanks for the advise..
    I'm in London and will be going to the store in Bond Street(Mayfair):yes:
  4. Yeah... I usually just go in, the security guard just stares at me [now just smiles], I get approached by an SA, we look around the boutique at the new arrivals, and then I leave happily with a purchase...

    I hope the same happens to you!!! Good luck!
  5. Be confident! I think it depends on your needs also. You can ask for help, or just ask to browse for a little while and then ask for help. Also I think it helps to wear some LV goods to let them know you are a potential customer not just a window shopper.
  6. Let the sa know your interested in purchasing something. My friend said he got weird looks until he said "could I see the Koala agenda please?" :biggrin:
  7. Thanks John, Stefania :smile:

    John: Yeah, I hope the same will happen to me too.. ;)

    Stefania: Yeah, perhaps I shouldn't have not worried myself for nothing and think of it like walking in to the any other stores..hehe..

    Oh first trip to the store better be a good one.. ;p

    Cheers! :smile:
  8. Nola,
    Yeah that's a good advise..
    I am not planning to "dress up" later as I need to run few errands after that MIGHT make the SA not interested to entertain me..
    So it's really a good idea that I go straight to the point that I'm interested in the bag.. :smile:
    I've been practising the correct way of pronouncing Popicout Haut(po-pa-couh O)..haha.. My hubby(he's french) was making fun of me this morning for my accent..haha =D