Help! First purchase of 2008!


Which bag would you buy for 2008

  1. Gucci Princy Hobo in Black Python

  2. LE LV Watercolor Speedy with Vachetta Leather Handles (non-exotic)

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  1. So...

    Once again its between Gucci and LV:

    Some of you already know about my dilemma with the Gucci Princy handbag...posted in Gucci forum:

    anyways to make a long story short, the SA at Gucci that was holding my bag sent it away and now its back! I have been looking for a Python bag for so long and this one came along at a really good price! So i'm thinking about getting this one!

    But then today when I went to visit LV, I found out about the non-exotic watercolor speedy with the vachetta handles is coming out! I have never really gotten into the multicolor for 2 reasons: 1) its faked...A LOT
    2) the LVs seem to colorful/harsh

    Haven't seen the watercolor speedy yet (obviously) but it looks nice and feminine! So heres the dilemma, unfortunetly I can't buy both because of my upcoming surgery:yahoo: but I would like to get one of them!

    Gucci Princy Hobo in black python:
    -I don't own Gucci

    -Gucci = lower resale value
    -black color -> I bought the LV Motard Biker in black and the Versace Snap Out of It Bag in Black Nappa Leather! Too many black handbags?
    -sale priced! almost half price for exotic leather!

    LE LV White Watercolor Speedy:
    -LV = higher resale value
    -I :heart: LV

    -Canvas -> I have 2 monogram bags, 1 damier = too much canvas
    -need a LV speedy but I will only buy a LE speedy and i'm thinking that I might be able to find something better (I only want to own 1 speedy, not into buying the same bag in different colors!)

    *Overall the bags are both about the same price! The Gucci one is only $69 more!*

    I included a picture of the Gucci princy in fabric (I couldn't find the picture of the python verson!) I found the picture of the LV watercolor speedy on the forum and i'm using it for reference purposes only.

    I know i'm posting in the LV forum, lol! I have this tendency to go to the LV forum first but can everyone do me a favor and *try* to put your LV love aside and give me your HONNEST opinion? Please let me know what you think? I'm so :confused1: right now!
    GUCCI PRINCY.jpg 1.jpg
  2. LV definitely. You wun regret it!
  3. Thats the thing about Gucci...Sales!! They are two totally different bags. Apparantly you don't need another black bag. I'd say wait it out and see the Speedy. Maybe by then the Gucci will be at an even lower price if you decide you don't like the never know. I'd go with LV as I sold all my Gucci stuff which was in new & mint condition (except for a makeup case). Oh and in the process I lost more than half of what I paid for it. No more Gucci for me
  4. i love gucci [notice user name] but i love LV as well. i love expanding my collection with LV. I buy what i like at the time and just compare each purse by style not by brand name. I too want a speedy but only want one speedy, and i want it in the LE. I want the mirage in noir... im so mad at myself for not jumping on it. I even saw it at the boutique and passed on it! such a shame :sad: Yes, LV does have a very good resale value.. it's almost a guranteed sale. All my future gucci purchases will be from sales only [i hope] lolz... good luck!
  5. Sorry to hear that you only got half of you money back:sad: Do you find that you have a hard time selling Gucci too? Oh and also how did you use eBay or the Marketplaza on TPF? also have you tried to sell your LV before and how did that work out for you? (Curious, I haven't sold any of my bags yet!)

    I don't think that this particular Gucci bag will be further reduced though since they did initially ship it back east (not sure why, maybe they needed more sales inventory?) Also the bag is already about 45-50% off the initial retail price! But the thing that is driving me towards this bag is the fact that its python! (I am python obssessed!) I know that you will never be able to get a LV python bag for this price!
  6. If I bought based on what i liked then I would probably buy both lol! Then I would be screwed for surgery! I'm just trying to weight out the pros and cons! I'm a shop-a-holic that needs help lol! I found that when I didn't do this before I would end up with thousands of dollars worth of stuff that just sat there and eventually would get thrown out or given away!
  7. After much thought... I too think you should go for the Watercolor Speedy with vachetta handles. It's fun, a definite head turner, and LE! I'm not a fan of that Gucci's shape.
  8. As far as Python goes you're probably right about the price...I'll never own
    I used eBay and there are so many fakes that people are very cautious about what they'll spend on Gucci. As far as resell value of LV on ebay. I've done really well with some items and others I took a small loss. Nothing like Gucci though. I bought the pelham this past summer for $1,400.00 at Gucci and sold it for $800.00 where as I only used it like 3 times. The buyer was so scared it was fake that I gave her the ok to call the boutique with the receipt # and to use my name just to make sure the receipt matched the But I can't blame her because of the amount of fakes. As Gucci Lover mentioned...the best way to buy Gucci is on sale so you won't have to worry about seeing it in the outlet stores and kicking yourself!! if you love it, hey...go for it.
  9. hmm this is a tough one. at first i was on board for the watercolor speedy, but now i'm kind of turned off by it. i think that there are better LE speedies out there (from previous collections) and possibly better future ones too (in f/w). its hard to resist the lower price point on it too.

    but i agree with your point on having too many black bags. hmm... i'll have to think about this and vote on the poll later.
  10. i'm not into exotic leather so i vote for LV LE
  11. I voted for the LV speedy although I'm not loving it 100% yet, will have to see it irl.

    The Gucci bag is a beauty, but since you already have too many black bags it's not going to add that fresh thang (been watching snoop's to your collection.

    I would go with the one I can't live without, the python bag probably won't come around again at that price... the LV is cutesy (love me some cutesy!).

    Those two bags are so different in style it is a tough call. Good luck with whatever yo decide :smile:
  12. Your in the louis forum: Gucci just doesn't do it for me so I voted for the speedy.

    I think it's a nice unique bag and I actually like it more than the exotic. The size is nice too: 35 is different...
  13. Oh I should probably mention this too...i'm quite small 5"2....would the speedy 35 look too big on me? I have only compared the 25 to the 30 before!
  14. They proably sent the bag to the outlet store ( there are 2 of them in my area) and they were having huge sales last week.
    i.e. the small indi with the bamboo handle in the gucci fabric was 749.00
    (person in front of me got last one)
    If you really want the bag call the outlets first and see what their price is for it
    I am going to look at the le for spring .
    I see the gucci's do not hold their prices while you can always get $$$ back on your LV's
  15. Get the LV speedy.
    It will be a nice addition to your collection!