Help! First LV purchase!

  1. So my 21st birthday is coming up and I am going to ask my parents for my first LV. For the longest time I just wanted the Speedy 25, but recently I was in the LV store and saw the Damier Azur Speedy and I LOVE IT! I'm just not sure if for my first bag I should get the Damier Azur or get the classic. My worry about the Damier Azur is I feel like it is more of a spring/summer bag, and not really suited for fall and winter. How do you feel? What should I get??
  2. this might sound like a borken record but get what you love. I love the azur but your right it is very spring summery but its not so much so to me to not be usable at other times, but thats just me. I always get what you love, because if your going to be paying that much for something you need the LVOE it not just like it.
  3. i'll go for mono but in 30. the size is very reasonable but 25 is not bad but just too small for my liking.

    i like azur but yes i feel its more of a summer bag
  4. Go for the Speedy 30 in classic mono. My sister bought the Speedy 25 in classic mono for her first purchase and went back a few months later and bought the 30...LOL. She never regretted it. Classic mono is timeless!
  5. I agree. You need the classic mono for a year round bag. I have an azur speedy and plan on using it only for spring and summer. The mono I will use all year.
  6. get what you love! If you get the mono b/c you feel it's more "classic," would you regret not getting the azur, b/c you loved it when you saw it? get what you LOVE and what speaks to your heart...I think you can make azur work in the winter maybe? since its not a white-white bag but more cream? maybe?
  7. I'd go the mono 30 too. Does the Azur line still look nice once that
    leather develops patina and darkens?
  8. The best thing would be to try them on at the boutique. Speedy 25 if you are on the petite side (though some petite ladies here do carry the 30 and carry them well).

    The azur seems to be better for summer but it doesnt really matter. There's no rule on what first bag to get although some ladies prefer to get either a mono or damier as a first bag coz they are classics. But the azur is here to stay. Try searching previous threads on the azur. There are some ladies here who have some concerns on bleeding and the dark patina in future etc... What matters is what YOU like. Get whatever you like so you can enjoy it!! :yes:
  9. Depends on the climate of your area and what you prefer. I don't have any mono in my collection, I live in a rainy area and my favourite is azur so it really doesn't matter!
  10. I am not in to the whole fashion "rules" thing so I would get the Azur. If its winter and your carrying the Azur I know I would look at you and say Nice bag, not Hmm she should be carrying that in the spring.

    Get what you like the best!
  11. I think a monogram 30 would be nice.
  12. Monogram Canvas vote here.

    Maybe you can get another bag in Damier Azur in the future... possibly the Saleya?
  13. I would get the monogram speedy. Its a classic you can wear all year round. But you can always get the Azur 25 now and ask for the mono for christmas :graucho:
  14. Well, it really depends. I would get a damier azur speedy instead since everyone carries mono LV. I like light colors instead of dark colors, the only downside is worrying about getting it dirty.
  15. i would say go into a LV boutique near you and try on the bags and then decide...if its your 1st thats what i would definatly suggest.

    thats what i did when i got my speedy 25 (mono) but i couldnt decide between the damier or mono and it made it alot easier to decide seeing them in real life!!!

    good luck on your decision and let us know what you decide to get!!!