help! first LV purchase?

  1. hi gals! i'm making my first LV purchase next month. :yahoo: it would be very much appreciated if you can tell me what my first LV bag should be. i'm currently eyeing the MC speedy 30, papillon 26 and mini lin speedy 30. thanks!
  2. Wow! those are all nice bags, but the pap 26 is kind of small compared to the speedies. I love the MC speedy but it is I would vote for the mini lin out of your choices.
    I do know that many times I have gone to LV with a certain bag in mind & ended up falling for something totally different. If you aren't shopping e-lux, have fun & try on every bag that catches your eye you never know until you have the bag in front of you.
    Good luck, I hope you find your perfect bag!!

    WELCOME to tpf!!!!
  3. MC Speedy :heart:
  4. I'm with taco- you have to go into the boutique & just try & hold the bags until one "bites" you- you may be surprised by what you end up with.
    Have fun & keep us posted!
  5. Of the three, I like the MC Speedy the best. I also think the Monogram Speedy or Batignolles Horizontal is great for a first LV bag.
  6. I would vote the MC speedy but its heavy... The mini lin is strikng and very light as well as a great summer bag!
  7. I got the BH as my first LV and I love it.
  8. very interesting to know that the MC speedy is heavy. i'm quite keen in getting that bag. thanks for the info.

    anyways, have anyone of you ever ordered from e-lux? do they deliver in hotels? my DH and I are going to las vegas and I'm planning to buy my LV their. But if I can buy in e-lux and save on sales tax, that would be perfect! :smile:
  9. out of those 3, definitely the MC Speedy but like everyone else mentioned, it's heavy. so the best bet per taco above is to try a lot of bags on in person and see how you feel about them. good luck and have fun!
  10. MC speedy!!!
  11. You have too go to a boutique and try them on (if you have a boutique nearby). It's an experience!! If you have a savvy SA, they will probe and find out what you're wanting (canvas or leather; tote or shoulder bag), then present you with options. I always go with one thing in mind, spend a lot of time trying things out, then buying what I came for, but I leave feeling confident that I made the right decision. Good luck and have fun!!!
  12. Welcome to tPF!:flowers:
    All three bags are great, IMO. I agree with members that said you'll probably "feel" which bag is right for you when you are at the boutique trying them on. If I had to pick one out of the three that you mentioned, I would have to say mini lin speedy.:yes:
  13. MC Speedy vote here. :biggrin:
  14. MC speedy
  15. I agree:yes: . Welcome to the darkside`:devil: