Help! First LV purchase: what to buy?

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  1. Hello guys,

    I am going to Paris in September and I've never thought about buying any luxury brands until my friend suggested me that it is a must. After comparing the prices in NY and Paris, it is quite a difference so i decided i should buy at least one item. Actually, I am thinking about getting a purse, empriente key pouch, mini pochette and key cles since i don't think i will go back to France again. But i think that is a bit excessive and greedy....

    I don't have any luxury brand bags so i would want to own at least one so i am thinking about the Favorite MM bag since it is within my budget (nothing over $1000). I would want to use this bag as a daily bag and put things like my mini wallet, iphone 6, mirror, tissue, earphones and gum. Nothing too heavy. Would that be a good choice among all of the lv bags? i want to go for something not too big, durable , not too expensive and practical. Now in terms of design, i would want to choose one that matches with almost every outfit. Would the monogram be good?

    I usually don't carry much when i go out -- usually just an id card, metrocard, office card, credit card, debit card, and a few bills. I have a large full size marc jacob wallet but i rarely use it so i think in this case an empriente key pouch would be a good choice. It can serve as a mini wallet and i heard that it is very durable. What are your thoughts on this pick?

    The more i research, the more positive reviews i am hearing about the mini pochette and key cles which really make me want them as well. I am not sure if i need these two but i keep thinking that since it is a lot cheaper in Paris and i am there anyways, I might as well just get them. For the mini pochette, i am thinking about putting in my earphones, lipgloss, concealer, and rollerball. I heard it can be used as a wrislet, mini wallet, and organizer so it seems more appealing to me than the key cles, but i also heard key cles is very small and convenient. What are your thoughts on this? Should i get one, both or none?

    Among the four items i mentioned, which ones are the must get? I don't plan on buying any more LVs in the future so these will be my first and last purchase so please give me some advices! Thank you so much in advance....your thoughts/advices are greatly appreciated!!!!
  2. First and last?! I hope not :smile: You have a few great choices. I love the favorite mm in mono. The empreinte key pouch is very handy as a small wallet and although I don't have a mini pochette, I can totally envision dropping in some knick knacks and using the pochette inside your favorite. A lot of ppl hate the cles or love the cles, depends on how much use you think you will get out of it.
  3. Empriente key pouch! I am obsessed with it! As for the Favorite, I am personally a Speedy gal (the 30 retails for $970 right now) and I feel as though for the same money you are getting much more bag for your buck. However, everyone is different so if you feel as though you'll get the most use out of the Favorite then you should get it! It's definitely more WOC sized rather than actual purse sized so keep in mind that it is a fairly small bag! Louis Vuitton makes my favorite SLGs, but I personally am not a key cles person just because I know I would not use it, thus it would be a waste of money for me to get it. So my order of importance: emp key pouch (definitely!), Favorite (if that's your ideal size-go for it. The Speedy in Mono or Damier in the 25/30/35 should all be under $1000 when converted from the Euro, same with the Neverfull PM if you want bigger bag options), cles (personal preference), mini pochette (also personal preference; I would much prefer something with a crossbody like the Twice or the Saint-Germain).
  4. I think the Favorite MM in monogram is great purchase for first time. It can be casual everyday to semi-formal for dinner night out.
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  5. I think the Favorite MM in monogram is great purchase for first time. It can be casual everyday to semi-formal for dinner night out.
  6. I think the monogram is very classic and it will match with many or almost all outfits. I have only one summer dress that I don't like with my monogram items.

    With your choices: i think they are alle very good ones, except you have two key pouches. Maybe exchange one with something else?
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  7. I'd get just the Favorite MM/Pochette Accessoires (if you want a cheaper alternative), a Key Pouch and mini pochette. I have to warn you though that LV products can be very addicting. :smile: Enjoy your Paris trip!
  8. +1
    they are highly addictive indeed!
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