Help! First Designer Bag: Chanel or Dior?

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  1. Hi everyone, :wave: hope you're all well! I've been a long-time lurker on TPF but recently created an account to start this thread as I need a little help deciding on my first designer bag. I only own and carry inexpensive canvas totes (i.e., grocery bags, oops!), but I've been meaning to buy my first luxury handbag for a long time now. And I am finally ready and able to! Except - I'm caught between the small (or medium) Chanel Classic Flap and ABCDior Lady Bags. I already looked at and tried on various colors and leather combinations of both in-person, but still can't decide on which bag to buy. I should have taken photos! With the virus going around, I won't be able to go back for a while.

    So, the thing is: the Classic Flap seems to look better on me (I'm 5'3/5'4) when I wear it vs. the ABCDior Lady Bag, but the Lady is just so beautiful. Also, it's a little less "everywhere" than the Classic Flap. But I'm not much of a top handle person, so I would really only carry the Lady crossbody, unlike the Classic Flap, which I could also carry on the shoulder. (I didn't mind it sitting quite high when crossbody). I prefer the Classic Flap's strap over the ABCDior's, and its comparatively understated look is slightly more versatile, but is it boring?! There are just so many more pretty colors to choose from when it comes to the Lady! :panic:

    Any advice or thoughts would be so helpful, and thanks in advance!
  2. Welcome. Both are not going anywhere soon so don't be in a rush.

    From the sound of it, it sounds like you prefer the Chanel in practical ways and how it looks on you. Those are very strong motivations. With the Dior it sounds like you're second guessing yourself and looking at it from others' eyes even though you think it's beautiful. Therefore I think you want the Chanel at least first.

    In terms of the Dior, you may buy it one day but you can admire it from afar for a while, no hurry. Check out the Dior forum more closely and ask questions too. It also depends on which size you're going for as to the practicality.
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    First of all, congratulations!

    I agree with the previous poster. It sounds like you like the practicality of Chanel over the Dior. However, I would like to ask a few questions:
    1 - Where do you think you will wear it to? How often?
    2 - Color?
    3 - What is your lifestyle?
    4 - Is this a forever bag? Do you think you will potentially resell it any time in the near future?
    5 - Budget?
    I am asking these questions because I think these are useful to think about when making such a big decisions.

    I have both of these bags and this is my thoughts -
    Classic flap is beautiful and classic. The double flap can be a little fussy but I do not mind. I feel like I wear my single flap more than my double flap because of the ease of its functionality. Chanel does have quite a better resale value than the Lady Dior. The Lady Dior can be fussy with the zipper and thus I chose to buy one with a flap instead (which I highly recommend and love~). I love both bags and don't envy this difficult decision!

    Oo:huh:OOo:huh:O...Maybe instead of buying new you can buy pre-loved. A single flap Chanel jumbo is around $2700 and a lady dior can be around $1700! Just a thought! How fun! You can have both and see how you use them love them before making the BIG plunge in new. Just a thought.
  4. @papertiger @sunyeo78 thank you for your insights! You're both right: the Classic Flap first, the Lady Dior - if it's still on my mind - later (it's not going anywhere). I'll definitely check out the Dior forum and ask around in the meantime! I plan on waiting until July when Chanel’s pre-fall collection is in boutiques to make a purchase as it is.

    @sunyeo78 and to answer your questions:
    1. Ideally, I’d like to use it as an everyday bag as well as an evening bag. For when I just need the essentials: shopping or dining out with friends and family, etc.
    2. I’m still unsure about the color, preferably a neutral? I do know I prefer Chanel’s caviar vs. lambskin leather, and silver (or light gold?) HW vs. yellow gold.
    3. Since I live in the city, I take public transport and walk a lot, so I like to keep things lightweight and have my hands free. I’m also more of a casual dresser most days.
    4. No, I don’t plan on selling!
    5. The medium Classic Flap is $5,800, and I just can’t justify spending any more than that right now. The price of the small size is much more appealing. (Chanel keeps increasing their prices! :frown:)

    I imagine you get plenty of use out of both bags! So jealous! :heart: If you don't mind me asking, did you acquire the Classic Flap or Lady Dior first?

    As for buying pre-loved, I'm just more comfortable buying directly from the boutique where the bag's authenticity is guaranteed, and I can return or exchange it if need be. Maybe later down the road when I become more familiar with designer bags!

    Anyway, thanks again for all the help! :love:
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  5. Chanel hands down. It's really easy and goes with everything. Dior imo is a bit more dressy. But Chanel is my fave so I'm a little biased haha
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  6. I actually suggest a calfskin Lady Dior in the medium size, perhaps in an ultra-matte finish. It has more scratch-resistant leather and comes with a nice cross-body strap.

    I think the Lady Dior looks a lot nicer than the Classic Flap. It's much more of a head-turner in my opinion.
  7. I own the Chanel Jumbo and to me, that is a very heavy bag. I've had it for about 10 years now and I hardly use it because of its weight and dressiness. But I've never thought of selling it because it is so pretty and I love it so much.

    I do not own the Dior Lady but I feel that the ABCDior is a more casual looking compared to Chanel classic flap. While that may fit your everyday style and needs, I would say, get the bag you love. I've chosen bags because of their functionality (got the YSL sac du jour instead of Chanel Boy), and I still think about getting a Chanel Boy all the time.
  8. Chanel before the price gets any higher! You'll probably be glad you bought it now in the long run.
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  9. I normally would say Dior but I’d get the Chanel first given their crazy price increases.
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  10. I feel the Chanel flap bag is more versatile, easy to style and look great with both casual (jeans and t-shirt) and formal wear. The larger sizes are very roomy and practical, too.
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  11. I would choose Chanel, too because it is just a match for everything and as you already mentioned also perhaps more practical if you not a handheld person.
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  12. Chanel. Classic, and better investment. Good luck :smile:
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  13. Hi everyone, and thank you for all your replies! (: It's so fascinating to read everyone's thoughts and opinions. I'm still leaning towards the Classic Flap as my first purchase and have since narrowed it down to wanting the small size rather than the medium. As for the Lady Dior, it is still as beautiful as ever and will no doubt be the bag I buy as my second purchase later on down the road. Anyway, I'm still waiting for the new collection to be available in Chanel boutiques this July before looking or buying. When I do, I promise to update you all and post photos of the bag I end up choosing here on this thread! :angel:
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  14. Chanel hands down.
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  15. Side by side, I use Chanel more, it’s lighter

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