HELP! First city - and can't get black? Anthra, Plomb, Ink or ...choco ?

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  1. Girls! I need your help !!!!! FIrst City : INK, ANTRHA, PLOMB , or BROWN?

    I am dying to purchase my first city! Unfortunately in the past I chose poorly ...and got a first in black,and a black twiggy ....and yet I always knew the city was my PERFECT bag ...doh!

    Anyways hubs just got a great bonus ;) and says I can chose a new bag:graucho:...and of course I want a black city since so many of you ladies say nothing is as perfect as a black city ....but I think I should step out a littlle! I looove basics (think Vince, James Perse, etc ;) So I have toyed with a brown bag ...OR to get an INK, Anthra, or PLOMB. I want to add I just love the smooshy broken in leathers...don't mind breaking in myself - but just really want a bag that will get better wtih age. I know you bal experts get so many requests for help - so THANK YOU!!!!:yahoo: I just really need to make the RIGHT choice this time - and even with all the great threads its so hard to choose!
  2. I am partial to plomb. It's great leather and the color is very universal. I believe there is a city on one of the re-sell sites right now (not my listing) ;).
  3. I am so excited for you! ^^
    Colourwise: I love ink so I will vote for that
    Leatherwise: Plomb being 07 productions seems to have such an amazing leather - the ones I have seen are so fluffy and chewy!

  4. Congrats, you are so lucky to get a bag from your DH! And the City is my fave Bal, great choice;)
    I would probably go for an Ink or Plomb. Isn't Ink from 06? I have bags from both 06 and 07 and they have great leather. I probably prefer Ink if we are only thinking about color though. But what will suit your wardobe best?
    OK so makes perfect sense taking into consideration all my previous PF reasearch and your helpful comments ...INK or PLOMB is what I think I will choose between. THanks for clearing my head ! Keep them coming !!!
  6. I love Ink, such a great basic color, but still not boring. I'm not a fan of brown colors, but that 05 bag looks amazing! But personally, I would go for the Ink city :graucho:
  7. I just checked out the Ink City you posted a link to and OMG, it is gorgeous!!! Looks so smooshy and wrinkley. Would definitely get this baby;)
  8. THanks everyone! didn't mean to brag about the gift from dh or anything ...just meant we are really tring to be more responsible with our money as we get older (morgage and family planning) but I just got a free pass - and a city is the one bag I have been dreaming about for months - LOL & so want to find the perfect bag to keep me happy for at least a few years ;)

    OK getting very excited about the ink as well now!!!! Do you think it would be a good color year round? Lil color for summer but also deep enough for fall and winter...Mmmmm...this could be it!!!!!!
  9. No silly, you do not brag;) I think it's wonderful that your DH will buy you a bag, so nice of him!

    If a dark blue matches your wardobe well and you love it, then I think you should go for the Ink City. It is a great neutral IMO. And this one looks really really yummy!!
  10. I say ink. I want a bag in that color myself. :smile:
  11. I have ink and choco and did have plomb. IMO you can't go wrong as all of these have great leather in different ways. From what I've seen, ink tends to be distressed and smooshy, plomb leather is thick and choco is from 05 so is normally very soft.
    I think it depends on what colors you wear most, but also on what grabs you.
    Sometimes it can be great to buy a bag just cause you love the idea of it:smile:
  12. My choice is Anthra as I feel it is more wearable the Ink (dark blue). I just got an Anthra recently and LOVE it and it gets lots of compliments.
  13. I can't decie between ink and Anthra. But I looove blue Bals so I would say: Ink!
    I think that you will find Anthra easily if you want to buy one later. :yes:
  14. I vote for Anthra but I'm partial as I have an Anthra First myself and I absolutely love it. My second choice would be Plomb.
  15. One word, Ink!