Help! First Chanel... What should I get?

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  1. I have been a long time Louis Vuitton collector and lover but lately I have started loving the look of the classic Chanel. All my LVs are some form of their classic and I have realized I am truly a classic fashion lover.

    Here's what I know...

    I want something in black. I like the textures / quilted caviar better than the calfskin or patent.

    I want silver or the black or gun metal hardware

    I would like to be able to wear it cross body (I'm 5'3")

    I'm not a huge fan of the double flap (if I did the classic I think, as much as I don't want preloved, I would want a single flap.)


    (Ones I'm considering... -WOC (boy or classic) -mini rectangle or -mini square -Classic Flap Medium (not my favorite) or -Boy (I have tried on both the classic medium and the Boy but really couldn't comfortable wear them cross body.)

    Also... How difficult is it to acquire one of these style in the color and hard wear I'm searching for?

    Any photos would be extremely helpful.

    Thank you all!
  2. Welcome to Chanel where you can never just have one (They are addictive) lol

    That being said I am just like you I LOVE CLASSICS!!! I love the story that is behind Chanel and it makes me love it even more..

    I started with a preloved Vintage Chanel and I now have 4 Classics and several other leather goods..

    Yes this brand is addictive hahahaha

    I think your first choice is awesome!!!

    Jumbo SHW Caviar Leather.. you can wear her cross body!!

    I have double flap in Maxi SHW and its HUGE but still an awesome classic forever bag

    Good Luck with your first Chanel it will not be your last
  3. FYI caviar is simply grained calfskin :smile:
  4. Have you tried out/considered the reissue style yet? if not, perhaps give the 226 & 227 sizes a try to see if you like the way that they hang cross body, and since the style can fit more than the classic style, you may find the double flap acceptable? good luck!
  5. I would highly recommend finding a single flap jumbo in black caviar SHW!!! :tup: I just got one in white and although my rectangle mini used to be my favorite Chanel bag, the single flap jumbo is my new favorite! :love:
  6. I vote for mini flap bags. I am same height 5'3 and petite. I love love love mini so much more than my classic m/l flap and old medium boy (sold). I love mini - how easy, casual and light weight!! Classic look but not too dressy. I am a house wife taking care of my 2 sons so mini flap suits my casual life style. I cannot stand heavy bags and carry very less. My modeling shots for your reference.

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