Help! First Chanel bag purchase and can't decide..

  1. You will look great with m/l !!!
    I am 168cm and I find Jumbo suits me better but WOC also looks cute on me...hahaha.

    Good luck!
  2. Thank you all for your valuable feedback! Yes indeed, I am a bit concern about the space for M/L but it's such a beauty! And so are the other two bags. With GST I can stow more but I've read under 'regret purchases' thread and many mentioned that it sags pretty quickly. Is that true for every GST? I intend to use it pretty often.

    On the other hand, with m/l, it's space constraint as what bluekit, A_H and MMWhite mentioned.

    Thank you again all you lovely ppl for your precious thoughts shared! :cloud9::hugs:
  3. NewCoachQueen! I hope that I'll be able to get all 3 eventually. But with prices going up..:shucks:Which bag is your favourite out of the three? :biggrin:

    Yay! Which bag are you getting? Good luck to us!
  4. The flap. It is so beautiful, comfortable, and luxurious to me. I love that it is elegant with jeans and a dress. I love that it is feminine. I love that I can wear it 3 ways. Get the flap. Mine is black with gold hardware. Open a Saks account and get the discount. It's what I did. You don't have to charge the whole thing on it. Good luck!
  5. :ty::urock:
    Thank you Bluekit! Would love Jumbo but I have many big bags. But hope M/L would be big enough?

    That's very true A_H! That's why I'm so indecisive! lol

    MMWhite, couldn't agree with you more-2 bags! but Flap is a must have too!:graucho:

    Porsche09, yeah! my hubby actually bought the GST from New York but colour of chain was not the one I was keen on and after reading further in TPF about the lovely varieties, I became confused. He is refunding it. Europe is cheaper as he will be able to claim tax refund. So I have some time to ponder about it. lol

    Thank you Ceya!

    Simbasam, thank you! Hope it will not be my last! then I will not be having The flap:sweatdrop:

    Thank you Milksway25! fingers crossed!

    Thank you Wild child! :biggrin:

    Thanks musicscrip! Yes, jumbo def looks good on you for your height! I have an LV neverfull(L) cause my hubby says its only slightly more to pay for the large, why not get that, and now, I'm regretting it cause it looks so huge on me, but I still love it cause I throw lots of stuff in it. heehee. But I'm going to be more careful in my selection now as I want it to fit my frame. GST is a gr8 size bag for everyday! m/l is so TDF.

    I will update you all on my decision! Thnx again!
  6. Thank you! Oh really?! Does it apply to tourists? I'm from Singapore. :wonderingWow! it would be great then! as I mentioned to one of the PF, my hubby bought the GST earlier but he's returning it as gold does not suit me so much. I'll let him know about the Saks acc!
  7. I heard that too from a Chanel employee at Neimans
  8. Seahorsestripes! U spoke my mind! but greedy me was thinking of quantitiy too! lol

    Thank you Xenia! Fingers crossed!
  9. Mamamaxim! Gosh! Did they mention when? Read about it from other thread! hope that it'll not be so soon. Hope I can at least get one bag b4 the price hike. :presents
  10. based on your needs...i would say M/L as well
  11. I would vote for the m/l as well for a few reasons:

    1) Given your height, the m/l will fit your body more proportionally...although many petite ladies totally rock a GST.

    2) If you can downsize what you carry, then the m/l would be a perfect bag to use during the day time and then transition to night.

    3) I like that the medium can be worn double straps (which for me stay in place) or single strap.

    4) I tried the GST too and found that it was too heavy (even when empty) and boxy for my taste. I also did not like that one strap would always be slipping off. Also, some ladies don't like that it starts to sag after a while.

    5) WOCs are great but the medium at least gives you the option to carry a bit more and because it's not too big can be used for formal occasions in lieu of a clutch or for quick trips with the kids, etc.

    Good luck with your decision!
  12. tlilrascal-Thank you. Love your bags in your Avatar!

    PF2010, Thank you! all your feedbacks will definitely help me decide better. Yes, I was worried after reading about the sagging on GST. Lovely bag but wouldn't want it to look seasoned in that way. lol. WOCs are so sweet! I do carry quite a lot( small umbrella, purse, keys, gloss, packets of tissues) especially if my husband is out of town, that'll mean that I have to travel by bus or cab. If he is back, then he's my chauffeur! heehee. I can't drive.
  13. The m/l is great! I chose it as my first Chanel :smile: I'm about 5"3 and the size is perfect! I was contemplating the Jumbo but for some reason all my friends and my hubby said it looked big on me, so the m/l it was for me!

    If you are concerned about the limited space the m/l can afford you, take a look at this thread - lists what other tpfers are putting into their m/l flaps :smile:
  14. Congrats on starting on your Chanel journey! I would say GST and a WOC since you are a mom. However, many here like the classic m/l flap and I would advise you to think carefully and research (read TPF haha!) on this bag because although it is iconic, it is not for everyone.

    I wanted one too (the m/l) but when I got it, I saw how tiny it was and in addition to the small size, the hard caviar and the double flaps really got in the way of trying to open the bag to even try to fit little things in there. If you are the type of person like me where you like to quickly get in and out of your bag, then the m/l may not be for you.

    Of course, you could think about getting the m/l in lambskin. I love the look and feel of the lambskin, how soft it is, but many have stated that lambskin is hard to care for. But I think the lambskin would make the m/l easier to get into.

    Good luck on your decision. Look forward to your reveal(s)!!
  15. aurora29, thank you very much for the linking me to the thread! Sugaryblue is very good in packing!

    Jaffe, thank you for your feedback! u did not get one in the end? which bag did u decide on? Jumbo? Will think long and hard b4 jumping in!