Help! First BBag- what color and style should I get??

  1. hello,

    how are you all??

    I'm not really sure what color i should get. I already know that I'm going to get the balenciaga first. I am looking for something i can take out for a night out - basically evening. any suggestions!?!?

    Also - what's the difference between the purse and the first??

  2. Welcome! I've been here all less than a month and the Bbag bug has bitten me BIG TIME! :love:

    The first is smaller than the purse style. Definitely check this out for LOADS of info about Balenciaga bags, style, characteristics, etc:

    As far as color, there's so much to choose from! I'm probably not the best to ask considering I'm pretty indecisive, :angel: but I think the metallics are gorgeous for night if you're looking for an older bag; also check out the new fall colors in the link above. There's some gorgeous jewel tones. As a safety, you could always go with the classic gorgeous black! Have fun and let us know what you decide!
  3. Black is my fav.
  4. I think a black first is the perfect first b-bag, plus it is classic and sexy, great for night and looks good with everything!!
  5. Definitely a BLACK First!! And welcome!! :welcome: :rochard:
  6. Well, everyone is right--you can't go wrong with Black. :yes: For a fun pop of color for night, you could also get a First in some other fun colors like Ink, Blueberry, Fire Engine Red...
  7. Okay.. the time has come.. after 2 years of lusting and obsessing and resisting buying a Balenciaga.. I cant do it anymore.. my willpower has gone and I must have one.

    I cant decide on which colour to get though...

    I have a choice between Truffle (brown), Camel (cognac) or Rouge.
    atelier.naff: Where have these been hiding? More swatches...

    I would love to get the Rouge, but i cant imagine it would go with anything in my closet :sad:

    (I am getting it at Browns, Selfridges or Harrods)
  8. Welcome leeda!! Ohhh first bbags are so exciting! As much as I would love to vote for rouge (loooove red!) but I think the first bbag should be something that works with everything & you would be comfortable wearing (almost) everyday, and it looks like neutrals are the way to go for you! I love both truffle and camel! I think they're very versatile. I'm not sure if camel is out though (anyone? anyone?)
  9. Welcome. Go for the rouge!:nuts:

    What style are you thinking of getting?
  10. Thanks!
    I am going for the First or classique bag. I luuuuuuurve my small bags.

    I am not sure which season the Camel is from but the department store I am thinking of buying it has it in stock. (Browns in the UK)

    I am sooo tempted by Mimi's blue first, its sooooo gorgeous!!!
  11. I like all those colors. If you already have brown bags, I would be looking for Rouge. If you don't have a brown bag, go with Truffle.
  12. I love that blue first too, you might be bidding against me.:lol: Good luck!
  13. i think you should get WHAT YOU LIKE THE BEST. it's your first b-bag, you can't let anyone interfere your option :P
    follow your heart, check your bags & wardrobe collection to make sure they go along with lots of things.
    i myself not a really matchy girl, so i don't really care if this or that colour will match or not. i like it when i don't match everything i wear.

    good luck :P it's so exciting to have the first b-bag :yahoo:
  14. I vote for the Truffle- very versatile, perfect for fall!
  15. Rouge, baby!:yahoo: :love: :heart: lol! I think the red is a gorgeous color! It all depends on what you are comfortable with, though. I'm a bit different myself and I consider red to be a staple/classic color like black, white, brown.