Help! First Balenciaga: What Color?

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    Grenat? (First)

    Rouge? (First)

    Teal? (First)

    French Blue? (City)

    I am so torn.. any input would be welcome. Prompt reply most certainly needed. My first balenciaga. I don't know what color to pick and all are authentic. I have to decide in a few hours. Help! :biggrin:

    Edit: I don't wear red a lot, so maybe red would be a good choice? I don't know... Help please.
  2. I'd go with the appropriate size. I can't use a First, too small--so I vote City. If you can use a First, then Grenat is a nice, year-round red, and Teal goes with everything. Can't go wrong, since ALL Bals are awesome!:smile:
  3. I've since ruled out city because I feel it's too big for me. So I'm going for the Firsts.

    Isn't Grenat kinda dull? But it does look more classic..

    I'm thinking Rouge can spice up an outfit (I am only 27).

    Teal is neutral-ish...

    I'm trying to get the rouge authenticated in the authenticate this thread. :smile:

    Thank you for replying.
  4. Well, it's good you decided on the size. Yes, I'm sure Rouge will spice anything up, and I know you'd love it. I love my Grenat rh City; classic and versatile, but I'm older than you are, although I do have a Rubisse Brief that I love. It sounds like you're leaning toward the Rouge, and I know you won't regret it, based on all the PF-ers who love theirs.
  5. Decide on the style...then decide on the color.
    If you want a first, get the 06 has awesome leather and the color hides wear well!
    This is a city but look at the leather :
  6. Oh wow, it does look beautiful. I wonder why the pics my seller sent me look so dull. Maybe I can get the color revived or something?

    They weren't able to authenticate the rouge because I wasn't able to provide clear pictures of the rivets, bale and metal tag, back and front.

    Now, I'm wondering if it's worth asking the seller to send me pictures again. I'm liking the grenat more and more... hehe
  7. Ill get you a better photo in natural light later, i have it on my laptop and im on iphone right now. But it really is beautiful. I havent treated mine with anything and it's all "natural", so maybe that's a factor. :smile:
  8. Here's a better one.
    Good luck!
  9. Thanks! I just informed the seller that I'm getting the grenat. The photos are really helpful. Plus I've already authenticated it. I think it matches more of my clothes, come to think of it, without being too loud like the rouge. Plus, living in the Philippines, where fakes abound, I don't want people thinking I'm carrying a fake. And I think the color of the grenat is harder to replicate, right?

    Did I make the right choice? :cool:
  10. Excellent choice it's a gorgeous colour
  11. thank you! I can't wait to get my hands on it. I'll make my first reveal!
  12. Good choice, it's a beautiful bag! Enjoy