Help--first balenciaga and can't decide on colour!


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Dec 7, 2006
I'm getting a balenciaga city for Christmas, and I can't decide whether I want a basic colour (black, white, etc) that would go with everything and be easy to match or something brighter (thinking the violet, lilla, rouge, ink, or teal). For a first balenciaga, what are your opinions?

Also, I was wondering if anybody had any thoughts about getting a medium rather than the small? Would it be too big to bring around when I go out at night or is it fine? I want to use the bag in the day (for loose papers, folders) as well as at night.



Sep 6, 2006
The city is a great size and you can dress it up and down...!
Check this thread to get a better feel for the size:

B-bags are so addictive they tend to multiply while your bankaccount melts like snow :P

I think the most wonderful thing about Bal is the colorvariety (black and white come back in every season)
So I would go with color and if possible buy your first bag in a shop to try it on, it's fun and gives you a better idea what suits you!

Have fun!


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Apr 19, 2006
^ That is so closet is busting while my savings account is shrinking....doh! There are so many nice choices. The threads will help you see what the bags are really like. If you can go to a store and try them on that's even better as some of them look great on...and you wouldn't have guessed it on the table.