Help! First Baked Ham

  1. My family has put me in charge of baking the honey ham this year. Does anyone have any fool proof recipes or any tips. TIA:shrugs:
  2. Call the HoneyBaked Ham Store and order one! Just pop that sucker in the oven to warm and it's perfect.....

    Okay, seriously, that's what I do. But you can do the traditional:

    Buy whole cloves and push them into the top of the ham. They give a nice flavor. I make a little diamond-weave pattern. Not too close together - but just enough to cover the top. Then, put about two pineapples (dole sliced in a can is fine) on top, and use a mixture of pineapple juice from the can I just opened, a small amount of hot water, and brown sugar mixed until blended. Pour over ham to coat. Bake for about 30 min @350 - then coat again. another 5-10 min, and it's ready!

    You can also get a nice spiral ham (pre-cut in slices) at Costco. They're in a red foil packaging.
  3. That was my initial reaction too! Honeybaked is the best and that's where our ham is being picked up from today! Yumm... The traditional way sounds delicious too. Maybe we'll try it one day...