Help finishing living/dining room

  1. I have open living/ dining combo room that i have good foundation but having trouble finishing. I can't seem to find a color to use that I love. Please see pics....and advise me....thanks ladies
  2. Addition pics
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  6. How do you feel about a mint?
  7. That could work....the pillows currently on the couch have a mint background
  8. I like the idea of mint, grey and white with bits of black. I love the idea of chevron to spruce things up in pillows or picture frames too.
  9. You think whit would work with all the cream?
  10. Well no white- use cream as your white
  11. But I think mint and grey would look amazing with cream
  12. Me too! It will be very elegant! I love your furnishings now and adding subtle color and a few bold patterns - like a chevron - your rooms will be stunning!

    Have you checked out It has a ton of rooms for inspiration!

    GL and post updates. I can't wait to see what you do!
  13. I actually think a deep blue would give a great splash of colour and suit all the neutral colours you already have.

    I see there's a blue cushion in one of the photos - while that might be a bit too dark, that's the kind of shade I am thinking of.
  14. Stunning, love you style and your decorating is so unique and lovely. Your home looks very serene. Are you looking to add color with pillows, curtains or paint on the walls? I really like the calm vibe the room gives off so personally I would not add color in bright tones but stick to soft pastels.
  15. Hi, I have tried every shade of blue ktm but it never looks right. It tends to be too harsh or I can't tie it together. Thanks for the suggestions......those pillows on there now will be retired