help-fine but frizzy hair

  1. I'm in hair hell now. I used to have thick frizzy slightly wavy hair but in the last 4 years my hair got a lot thinner that I don't use my flatiron anymore. Then I moved to NJ 2 yrs ago where the water has been harsh on my hair. I need more conditioner but then my hair gets weighed down and I tried using exta body/woluminizing conditioners but I get major frizzies. I was using a lot of pantene after I moved so I should probably stop using those products. In NYC I was using Infusium 23 but it weighs my hair down here. I also work out a lot so I need to wash my hair everyday or else I feel gross so I started using baby shampoo thinking it would be less harsh. But I still have a bad hair day everyday:crybaby:
    Does anyone have any product recommendations? I wanted to put a filter on our showerhead but I don't think we can (we rent and the super said no) I'm also planning to get a trim in the next week or so if that helps.
  2. It sounds like you need a mild leave in conditioner or hair serum. John Freida makes a great hair serum, but you only need a very little drop to tame the frizz. Aveda makes a good leave in conditioner, but that may be greasy. My stylist advised me to not wash my hair everyday and I do not because it's too harsh. There's a great thread on here about washing hair everyday.

    You also mentioned that you work out a lot, which means that your body requires extra nutrients. Make sure you eat healthy: enough protein and take vitamins to maintain healthy hair. But do seek help from a medical professional if you notice severe hair loss or other changes.
  3. I have fine and frizzy hair - curly.

    I use Nexxus Aloe rid shampoo once a week and Therappe the other times. Humectress conditioner and Emergencee treatment once a week.

    works for me.

    also use kerastase oleo relax serum on the ends.

    aveda be curly when i want to be curly and L'anza straightline for straight days with my GHD's
  4. I have a total of 12 curly hairs on my head, lol. Seriously, I have fine curly hair. To wear it curly, I use KMS curl up. To straighten it I use just a touch of Redken smooth down heat glide or a touch of Matrix Sleek.look lite cream and for special occasions a rootlifter and a tough of color safe mousse. For shampoo and conditioner, either Matrix sleek.look or Healthy Sexy Hair Chocolate Soy shampoo and Soy conditioner. I have oily,highlighted hair so I shampoo once a day.
  5. thanks for the responses but I think my big issue besides my hair type is the hard water I have also. I'm trying to research which shampoos/conditioners work best in hard water first.
  6. i have this problem too.

    lately ive been using the john frieda frizz ease oil treatments once a week AND the deep conditioner every time i wash my hair (which is prob once or twice a week!lol my hair cant often take all the heat styling that it requires). its been helping

    i also use redken heat glide which gives it a bit of gloss and helps prevent heat damage.

    ive never tried a leave in conditioner, i should though. you guys say infusium is good?
  7. My sis has the same problem as you. She has been using the Ojon products and told me it has completely transformed her hair, making it thick but not weighed down. I would try the restorative hair treatment from Ojon. It really is a miracle.
  8. i have the same problem - my hair is super curly, and it's not thin, it's just super-fine. i'd say use a good, moisturizing conditioner (i like pureology for volume - it also doesn't have wax, which is what weighs your hair down) and then after your wash, when your hair is wet, use a volumizing mousse - i use l'oreal professional texture mousse (it's real name is like super sleek heat-activated volumizing or something like that). it works for me, even though i don't usually use hot tools on my hair.
  9. john freida frizz ease, then a good hair mousse (I like herbal essences). for hard water, try good old suave clarifying shampoo (unless u have colored hair, it will make the color fade). I have very very fine very curly hair, it's not thin, I have a lot of hair, it's just fine and doesn't like to cooperate. sunsilk volumizing creme is really great for flat hair