Help finding wristlet to match carly!

  1. What kind of wristlet would be nice to match my medium signature carly in brown?
  2. How about one of these?

    #40895 - Bleecker Capacity Wristlet:


    #40894 - Bleecker Signature Wristlet
  3. do you want one the same color or something that contrasts?

    I'd go with the bleecker capacity wristlet listed above, in either the chocolate sig...
    or a nice leather color to contrast against it.
  4. The bleecker wristlet seems to be a really nice match.. unless you're not a matchy person :tup:
  5. Do they make a patent wristlet in chocolate ? That would look very cute
  6. I agree with the people who suggested the bleecker capacity wristlet... i bought one to match my med sig carly and i get so many compliments on the pair of them, plus it has a ton of room!
  7. i have the bleeker capacity wristlet and it looks great with it. But if you do a search on here for Carly wristlet then you can see that Coach made one that looks just like the carly but ofcourse smaller cause it's a wristlet. I bumped up the thread a few weeks ago or month. But I rather keep my bleeker wristlet since it has two pockets.
  8. Thanks!! :smile:
  9. Peaches, I got the same exact bag for Christmas!! I was really debating asking for it since I don't carry large bags but I'm totally in love! It's not so big when you consider that slouch.

    Thanks for this thread, I'm getting some great ideas for a wristlet. Right now I have my legacy stripe one in there and it's just not "doing it" for me. LOL! I have the Legacy Leather Flap Bag so that wristlet was a must. Now I need something in that gorgeous chocolate brown.

    Hope you're enjoying your Carly as much as I am!
  10. it all depends on if you want it matchy-matchy. I like these two and think it would give it nice contrast:


  11. I have a brown coach wristlet that I love and put it in all my bags.. I like the bleecker one suggested above too.. up to you if you want it bigger or smaller, and how matchy matchy or how much you want to spend. :yes: This is the one I have:
  12. [​IMG]Do you think this would look goofy?
  13. not at all! i love that wristlet, because it's so sparkly!
    and also you have to think that you could also use them for other you don't wanna be too matchy matchy!
  14. I only have a black coach purse, a scribble coach purse and now the brown basically I am just matching it up to the carly. It just seems like there isn't a lot of dark brown wristlets that coach is offering right now. Are there a lot of dark brown signature wristlets at the outlets? and btw I am a very very matchy matchy person!!! LOL
  15. not goofy - I use the mini skinny in my large black sig. carly :smile: